9th Wonder takes on A&R Position

NC Legend 9th Wonder continues to add to his extensive resume'. The latest entry? A&R for 101 Distribution:
Today it was revealed to HipHopDX that 9th has accepted a Urban A&R position through Arizona-based 101 Distribution. “I just thought it was a good opportunity to get my fans to go to one place,” the North Carolinian producer explains. “CD sales in stores are really going down, labels get in the way and I just thought of a way to put out the album for everybody to go buy it. It’s a supply and demand type thing. I don’t believe in a big, big roll out and all this whatever. I tell my fans to go get it, they get it and I’m straight. And I think 101D is the best place for it.” The union started when the distribution company worked with 9th on distributing his and Wale's Back To The Future mixtape.
For the entire article, click here. Shouts out to hiphopDX.com.


The Leak --- Blueprint 3

You can now take a listen to the ENTIRE Blueprint 3 album over a rhapsody.com. If I must say so myself...it's banging. I've been hearing mixed reviews from across the blogosphere, but I do know that I'll be dropping my 9-12 dollars for this one on 9/11. Click here to check it out.


J. Cole + Mike Posner + Others @ Duke University

NC product J. Cole and MI/NC crossbred Mike Posner shut it down @ Duke along with Wale & UCB. Check it out!


Big L Documentary

It's so good to see joints like this right here. I've watched the joint for 'Pac I don't know HOW many times, and "Notorious" was ok (could've been better imo). But this one looks to be promising -- more authentic. Peep the trailer.


Young Chris, Freeway & Beanie Sigel x 9th Wonder

I like this joint right here. 2 of my favorite rappers (Free & Beans) + the God, 9th? It has to be a good look.

My b, I been away for a few. We're working on getting this album ready for January 1 release date. But I'm back on the blog tip...let's get it!


Stay Connected - NEW SPOT for Monday Night Mic Fights

Starting next monday -- August 31st -- Monday Night Mic Fights is now Microphone Mondays @ Apostrophe lounge.

I can't tell you how glad I am to see E456 and boys back on the Southside. Don't get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with The Nook (now defunct) over on the corner of Plaza and Central. But the Southside is my home, and to see one of the truest open mics move back means alot.

So...with that being said. COME ON OUT! It's 21+ and NO COVER! It don't get no better than that. I look forward to see you out there next Monday.

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Ski Beats drops knowledge...

Peep this Ski Beats (Legendary NC producer) interview where he touches on DJ Clark Kent, mistakes made in the studio and how he learned to make beats.

Take notes.


R.I.P. to the BIG HOMIE!!!!!

This dude right here?? This dude is the Godfather of Queen City Hip-Hop Radio -- Nate Quick. This dude is the sole reason why the #1 Hip-Hop station in Charlotte IS the #1 Hip-Hop station in Charlotte.

I remember when I used to do little odd-and-end work up at the station, trying to get on. Rubbing elbows with Nate Quick, Sheila Stewart, No Limit Larry, JD and Tone-X led to some scholarship money for college (Thanks again Sheila) and an internship opportunity working directly under Nate Quick. I remember the dinner we all had at Carraba's Italian Restaurant, and Nate telling me how he wanted to give me an opportunity -- that probably was the best thing I'd heard in my life.

Little did I know, God had a different plan for the both of us. The Summer before I was to start my internship, Nate was called up to the "big leagues" and given the opportunity to man a much larger radio station, in a much larger market in Dallas-Fort Worth. With his new opportunity, I was faced with a decision....follow or stay. I chose to stay and finish college @ NCCU.

To this day I don't regret it one bit. But, I do hate the fact that I never got to say goodbye. So...let me take time to say: GOODBYE NATE! YOU WILL BE MISSED!!


We are, yeah I said it, WE ARE

Check out the new full-length vid of "Run This Town" by Jay-Z featuring Rihanna and Kanye. This has been bangin hard out the whip for the past few weeks. Peep.

Shouts out worldstarhiphop.com and luvdc.blogspot.com.



It's that real, it's that true...

Here is some fresh music from your boys Leggs, Blaze and Styles -- northCoaltion. The mixtape track is titled "Speak My Mind".



You smell that?

....that's football season. You already know what time it is.

As I sit here listening to music and surfin the net, I thought about the Goodie Mob reunion and my mind instantly zapped to one of my favorite songs -- Liberation by Outkast ft. Cee-Lo and Erykah Badu.

I remember when this album dropped. I was in High School and I bumped the entire thing FAITHFULLY. But this song here? This song took my breath away when I first heard it -- and still does so to this day. From 3 Stacks ad-libbing, to Big Boi harmonizing his verse, to Cee-Lo's gritty soul, to Ms. Badu stealing the show, to Big Rube dropping knowledge, to ?uestlove murdering those drums....this song is a classic.

Because of that fact...I had to sample this song once my passion for beatmaking developed over the years. I was able to take a few keys from the song and make a nice loop....check it out -- Liberated produced by Ron Styles:


The Good Die Mostly over Bullsh*t

My favorite group of ALL TIME (and the group the northCo. is often likened to) is making a comeback! YESSSS!!!!! GOODIE MOb will be having a reunion September 19th @ Masquerade --- and before you ask...YES, Cee-Lo Green will be there to make the group complete. I love it mayne...I really do.

I know people may grow apart and go separate ways creatively, but GOODIE MOb had a formula that -- to me -- was way ahead of their time. From "Soul Food" to "World Party" (not counting "One Monkey Don't Stop No Show") they were the mold for Southern Hip-Hop groups. It's great to see dudes put their differences aside for the sake of good music. Check out the promo vid below:

Much Respect

Not too many so-called MC's truly come off the dome anymore. It's always, "Nah man..." or "I don't freestyle for free..." or "I'm good..." -- my thing is, if this is what you love...if this is what you do for a living, why wouldn't you want to showcase your skills? sharpen your blade? exercise?

I have much respect for Mickey Factz now. I've always been skeptical of these internet phenoms...but dude goes in for well over 4 minutes and it's ALL FRESH. NO WRITTEN. NO GUNS. NO DRUGS. NO WOMEN. JUST HIP-HOP.

Shouts out DJ Semtex @ semtex tv.




My new car...

Yo. This bad boy right here?! CTS..Magnum? A Cadillac MAGNUM? lol. I want this bad boy right here, real talk. They call it the Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon...and at 304 HP, this ain't yo granddaddy's caddy.

The grill, the rear, the interior, the silhouette -- everything about this car screams power and versatility. Since the world is shifting towards fuel-efficient SUV/Wagons -- "Crossovers" if you will -- Cadillac just smashes the game and steals Dodge, Toyota and Ford's shine (Magnum (which has been discontinued), Venza & Edge/Flex).

So, with that being said....starting @ $38,860.00 I can definitely see myself in this bad boy in the near future. Yeeeaaahhhh.......

For more news and info on the Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon, click here.



Old YT folks + Rap = ?

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...this is actually very insightful. Peep.

Shouts out to themegatrondon2.com



Scouring the net for NC music

If you know of some good links shoot me a line @ no.others@gmail.com

If you have music
If you do hair
If you throw parties
If you design clothes
If you paint
If you draw
If you tell jokes
If you fix cars
If you cook a good @ss macaroni and cheese
If you do ANYTHING in NC...shoot me a line @ no.others@gmail.com

Let's go to work!

That's a good look...

Finally! My dude Mike Vick has a NFL home. The Philadelphia Eagles have signed homie to a 2-year contract. Say what you want about Vick, but everybody...EVERYBODY deserves a second chance.

When he got convicted, people said "SEND HIM TO JAIL!"

So he went.

Did 23-months. Paid his debt to society. You get it? DEBT TO SOCIETY. Society meaning US, the people. A jury of his peers (meaning us) found him guilty. He accepted that as well as the sentancing and took it all like a man. So what if he went back to the hood real quick? That's the only place that supported him through everything. But yet and still, it's people that don't want to let it go and let him live. They will forever hold it over his head even though he paid his debt to everybody.

That's the one thing I really hate about some people. If a man apologizes, does his bid and apologizes again he don't owe anybody anything. He did what he was supposed to do.

So, if I commend anybody...I commend Mike Vick for walking tall through everything and bouncing back. Forget the naysayers, just focus on your game homie.

ALSO, y'all check for the big homie Omar Gaither. Charlotte, NC native, Myers Park and UT Graduate -- now doing major things on the Eagles Defense. Check for him on Sundays.


Timbaland + Rockstar Games = OH SH*T.

I just found my Christmas gift. Up top we have a teaser video for Rockstar Games' new title "Beaterator;" and yes, it is exactly what you think it is.
"Built from the foundation of Rockstar’s widely-acclaimed original web version of Beaterator, Beaterator for PSP system and PlayStation Network puts a world-class mixer at your fingertips – enabling easy, powerful and innovative creation. Featuring original music and a sound-kit which includes thousands of loops and sounds produced by Rockstar and multi-platinum producer/entertainer Timbaland exclusively for Beaterator.

Coming September 29th to PSP and PlayStation Network"

Lifted from nahright.



The Message - Nas

This song right here? This song will always and forever be my joint. "It was written..." was the first piece of Hip-Hop that I owned. I remember...I let the tape rock 'til the tape popped....and for some reason, I now have 2 copies of the CD, but I don't know how.


Stay Connected - Radio City Mondays @ Aurora

Pink Pearl Ent. presents Radio City Mondays @ Aurora Nightclub in Raleigh, NC. If you can rap or sing, come on out:

- Each Act Will be Approximately 10 Min (2 Songs)

- Pre- Order Food From our in house Caterer or Delivery of
your choice

- Between Each Act will be an Intermission
(Games, Drink GiveAway)

~ Networking Hour.........................8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
~ Show Time + Intermission's...........9:00 PM - 12:00 AM
~ Music, Food, Drinks, and Good People.....12:00 AM Until

Check out Aurora's myspace here.

Go out and support real NC talent!!


The Notorious C.E.O.

I came up on this real nice article today, over at a blog I frequent: The Metric System. Titled the "The Notorious CEO: Ten Startup Commandments," Robert Moore flips the classic song and applies it entrepreneurs tryin to come up.
Rule nombre uno: never let no one know how much dough you hold”
For most companies, there isn’t a tremendous amount of upside to disclosing financials. As such, few privately held companies choose to do so. As Biggie says, broadcasting your financial performance can “breed jealousy,” increasing operational risks and arming your competitors with a more informed sense of your company’s weaknesses.

“Number two: never let ‘em know your next move”
Innovation drives long-term business value. If your company prematurely discloses its strategic plans, it gives your competitors a head-start on emulating or surpassing your innovative strides. It may be tempting to post your 12-month plan on the company blog, but beware the strategic edge it provides to your competitors once it’s out there.

“Number three: never trust nobody”
A healthy sense of paranoia is a valuable asset for business operators. Businesses should take steps to protect their intellectual property, including protection through patents or well-protected trade secrets."
For the entire article, click here.


Stay Connected - 5th Anniversary Photo Shoot Party @ Subject 2 Change Headquarters

(Phonte of Little Brother rocking the S2C "Too Intelligent" tee @ the BET Awards)

Custom Apparel and Graphic Design Company, Subject 2 Change, is having a 5th Anniversary Photo Shoot party @ their headquarters in Durham, NC. If you are in The Bull City or headed to the Bull City on Friday, August 21st stop by for a bunch of free stuff! Check out the promotional vid below:

For more details on the party click here. For more on S2C as a company click here.

Also, check out the "Subject 2 Change: Mixtape Vol. 1"


R. Kelly + Tyrese - Pregnant (Snippet)

Mannnn....I don't know what to think about this song. I mean, I'm not tryin to enable this alleged Pedo...but uhhhh, don't this kneegrow know how to make a song about anything and make it sound good? From "You remind me of my jeep," to "put my key in the ignition," to "thoiya thanga thanga," to sexin in the kitchen....Kells know how to make a hit, I can't front. But "Girl you make me wanna get you pregnant"???? I'm tryin to hold in my laughter. Check it out.


Getcha scrap game up...

I was in Durham @ The Ale House (drunk, might I add) when I saw this epic beatdown. I had MUCH respect for Forrest Griffin before this fight, but now I have ALL the respect in the world for Anderson Silva. Homeboy moved up 20 lbs for this fight, and handed Griffin his @ss. Enjoy.



So...Kay Slay brings D-Block and G-Unit together for a track??? Of course 50 wasn't on it -- as a matter of fact, I wonder what Fif' has to say about this. This is crazy..

Peep the new track here:

DJ Kay Slay feat. Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, Styles P, Bun B, Papoose, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo & Ray J - You Heard Of Us (Remix)

Peep some classic Jada/50 Beef here below.

50 Cent - Piggy Bank

Jadakiss - Checkmate


N.C. Legends - Anthony Hamilton

Earlier today, I was thinking about how NC has always been in the background, lurking around in the music scene, entertainment and frankly, American history period. B.I.G. got knocked here, Jordan -- the greatest -- rocked Carolina Blue, Frank Lucas was from here, and perhaps one of the best soul singers of our time, Anthony Hamilton, was born and raised in this Tar Heel State.

I remember when I first heard "Coming From Where I'm From," I knew he was gonna make moves. That album was ridiculous. I keep it in rotation on the iPod...the big homie never gets a skip from me. I have something very special in the works with some A-Ham music coming up in the future, I hope it goes over well. Take some time and enjoy a few of my favorite joints up top...and the video down below:


This is ridiculous...

This is either the inner workings of a secret society pulling strings -- or -- the single biggest moment, maybe, in Hip-Hop history. Jay-Z pulls out all the stops by bringing Oprah to Marcy Projects -- he really amped it up with this one. I promise you, the Blueprint 3 better deliver after this. More pics and the article here.

J. Cole in Philly

The dude, J. Cole -- Roc Nation artist out of Fayetteville, NC -- just had a dope show @ Sneaker Pimps in Philly, PA. Word on the street is that it was so live, the crowd called dude out for an encore! That's a good look. You know, Philly ain't the nicest crowd...word to Donavan McNabb. Peep the vids up top.

Protect ya neck

So...apparently, Joe Buddens said something out the way about a Wu member, they sent 8 dudes to go see him, and homie wound up with a shiner. Tough. Click here for the whole story courtesy of hiphopwired.com.

On the way back to the Queen City. This was an eventful weekend...sometimes its nice to get away even if for a day. Now, back to work I go...


On the road again...

What it is peoples? I'm bout to hit the highway to The Bull City. Connect with some of my peoples out there. I'll hit y'all with a couple posts while I'm out there; and of course we always on the lookout for new music. So, y'all have a safe weekend..and send one up to the Big Homie for me while I hit this highway.


Mike Posner + J Records = Good Look

Detroit, MI native & Duke University (Durham, NC) Senior, Mike Posner is a dynamic R&B cat ready to make some noise in the game. He recently inked a deal with J Records, home of such artists as Alicia Keys, Jamie Foxx and NC's own Fantasia. Mike surely has his own flavor....I can't deny that, and surely you won't either.

Posner and his group, The Brain Trust, officially released their first mixtape "A Matter of Time" in February 2009. He's put in some work with Wale, Big Sean (one of Kanye's artists), Kid Cudi and 9th Wonder. I think his music is dope. You can't really front on it. Hopefully more and more people will begin to listen to what NC music has to say. I'm all about the team baby, because if one go we all go.

Peep Mike's jam w/ Wale and Big Sean produced by 9th:

Stayin aliiiiiiivvveeeee.....

One of my favorite artists of the 90's just had a recent interview/perfomance on Good Day New York. I hate he lost all that time doing that bogus bid...but I guess ONE THING that I liked of George Bush was that he pardoned my dude. Oh well, enjoy the above clip, and check out some classic John Forte, Pras and Wyclef here.

Just saw a crazy wreck while I was headed to get some food. '09 Corvette rear-ends a '94 Cavalier...why couldnt that be me?! Talk about "Cash for Clunkers" FML

@ Rehearsal

Here's a lil vid of me and the boys jammin out during a break in rehearsal. Charles on the bass, Blake on the lead and me just messin around on the drums (it's been a minute since I last played..lol).



Don't stop the music - Yarbrough & Peoples

This is one my favorites cuts of all time. Yes. I said cuts. It came on the iPod on the way to work and it was in my head from then on. If this jam don't at least make you nod your head at some point during the song...you don't know music mayne... Unfortunately...this would be only one of their few hits.

This joint dropped in 1980. They had one more #1 hit -- "Don't Waste Your Time" in 1984, and were practically never heard of after that. But this song stood the test of time. Will people still bang this b.s. on the radio now 30 years later? Good question.

Peep the video though. lmao...


Grandmaster Flash takes us to the root of it all....

Grandmaster Flash -- one of the pioneers of DJing, cutting and mixing -- is starting a new video series documenting the origins of the DJ culture. Below is a blurb from nahright.com:

Whaaaat’s up! I’ve just released my first video detailing my humble beginnings and where the DJ science of using the turntables as an instrument was created!

This is part one of my tour of where I grew up in the Bronx and my process in creating the turntable science. Journalists get it correct, the dawn of Hip Hop was in the 70’s!!!

Stay tuned, there will be more videos on the way. Just trying to set the record straight for journalists and hip hop historians who aren’t getting it right!!!

Check it out some classic Grandmaster Flash below.


Stay Connected - SSHHH Sensual Poetry and R&B @ Happy Hour

This event here has quickly evolved into my Friday night destination. I went for the first time last Friday thinking I'd stumbled upon a new spot -- come to find out I knew almost every poet there! lol...crazy. But, I want to send a huge, special shout out to Pink & Diamond over @ Pink Diamond Quality Promotions & Events. Keep up the good work ladies! I'll update this post with some pics from previous events in a few (a brother is at work...lol). In the mean time, check out their myspace page here.

(Styles and the lovely Pink & Diamond @ SSSHH)

Renegade LIVE by Jay-Z + Eminem

I'm tryin to figure out why Eminem and Jigga are performing this song more and more lately. It's always been one of my all-time favorite songs, but I find it weird that Em just dropped a new album but it's at least 5 NEW videos of Hov and Marshall...*shrugs* oh well, enjoy.


Stay Connected - Spotlight Wednesdays @ Prevue

Ever wondered how you could get the word out for your business? New to the city and need to mix and mingle with other young professionals in Charlotte? Well come out to the Prevue every Wednesday for a relaxed, after work networking opportunity. You never know who you might meet. For more information click here.

Have an event in Charlotte and want to get it promoted properly? Contact Coretta Livingston, QC's Information Broker @ 704-492-0069 and qcinfobroker@gmail.com. She's real good at what she does. Trust me. Check out her myspace page as well.


Scarface: Uncut

Below is an excerpt from a recent interview with the legend, Scarface via allhiphop.com:

AllHipHop.com: What will it take for Hip-Hop to get to back to embracing creativity and delivering a message rather than being a number’s game?

Scarface: It ain’t no number’s game no more. Nobody has any numbers no more. Hip-Hop is changing; it’s a money thing. Until the power’s that be start taking it seriously it’ll continue to be in the state that it’s in. It’s some s*** that’s out today that wouldn’t have ever made it before the change. I think that today radio and visual played a huge part in what “they” say Hip-Hop is.

Middle-aged black people and middle-aged white people make up Hip-Hop; when honestly, youth is Hip-Hop. I hear some f***ing MCs that will forever go unnoticed because of the way that the game is. [Ed.’s note: Scarface mentioned the greatness of K-Rhino and Z-RO as prolific Southern MCs.] But they always tell us the truth, the story. Hip-Hop ain’t no “booty-dew.”

AllHipHop.com: [laughs]

Scarface: [chants] Do the booty-dew, do the booty-dew—do the so and so, do the so and so-you know. Don’t get me wrong; every genre of music is going to need their dance records. You’ll have to listen very very closely to what I’m saying. I feel like, the power’s that be, that control what’s being heard in black music and what’s being signed in black music, you know, as far as—the people who put that s*** out there, man. They don’t know nothing about our craft and our culture and our struggle.

It’s impossible for Henry Fartburger to know what’s hot in Hip-Hop. It’s impossible, he don’t know the culture, he’s not familiar with the culture, dude. He’s never been to the f***ing hood, unless he signed one of these goofy ass n****s and they took him to out there, on a pass. Them mutha****ers don’t pass through the hood, man. They’re not from there. They don’t know anything about us. They just sign a check. If you ask me it’s a f***ing conspiracy to destroy black music—to destroy the craft.

The man 'Face said some real sh*t here. Click here for the full article.

Canada, eh?

Came across a vlog from one of my favorite artists -- Raekwon the Chef -- posted up in Canada. Talkin about the new album and general views on the game right now. Peep it.


Introducing Saloan "Loany G" Goodwin (right). A very talented, young photographer that is making her mark. As a student at North Carolina A&T, she has partnered up with her friend Sade (left) and together they have formed Whipped Kitty Vintage Clothing. Take a peek at her work in the slideshow below, and check out her myspace page here.

Still smoookinn.....

Delonte West of the Cleveland Cavaliers and his homeboy CLOWNING @ KFC. Classic.


What in the world....

Man, I understand wanting to prove a point to your kids...but...draggin your kid thru a store on a leash? like ain't nobody watchin?? what in the world is wrong with you?


Charles Herron + Camp Lo by Kevin Womack

herron 2

Here are some pics taken at Charles Herron & Camp Lo's video shoot @ The Breakfast Club this past Wednesday. I thoroughly hate the fact that I was unable to attend, even though I had full intention of going. Sometimes life works like that. But nevertheless, these pics are able to make me feel like I was there. Good job Kev...good damn job.

Oldies but Goodies...

I just came up on a old vid from our Block Party/Gallery Crawl a couple Fridays ago. Big shouts out to Ben aka Sandgrain, we appreciate it big homie!

Saturday afternoon...

What's good my peoples? I'm just coolin out, watching the tail end of "The Great Debaters"...I need to catch it from the top though.

Anyways, we had a blast last night -- now it's time to get ready for tonight. Hittin up 935 for my peoples, Tracie and Bradley, birthday party (HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both of y'all); and Trey Songz supposed to be there too:

I'm just cooling out before nightfall, scouring the net for new stuff. Check out what I got so far:

Nas - Film

Raekwon ft. Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah & Method Man - House of Flying Daggers

I'm working on getting the pics up from the Charles Herron/Camp Lo video shoot. Shouts out to Kevin Womack on the photos. Check back in with me laters...



At this dope ass poetry open mic. Big Shouts out to Pink Diamond Quality Promotions and Events for puttin on an excellent event. A couple pics coming up soon.

A picture says 1000 words...

do it for hip-hop

Excellent shots taken during our 5/17/09 show @ The Evening Muse. HUGE shouts out Lovo of lovofoto.com. If you need pics taken, this is the man for the job.


N.O.R.T.H. New Music Spotlight PRODUCER EDITION - S. Jones

I linked up with a very dynamic cat out of Missouri, The Show-Me State. I know he's not an NC native, but his versatility reminded me very much of my own. Jones claims to be the cream of the MO Producer crop and he very well be just that. Go check out his myspace right here....and if you spit, go on ahead and cop some beats. He good peoples:


The real Slim Shady?

HAHAHA..Em went all in on this one. No commentary needed. Just push play.

Little Brother & Just Blaze LIVE in Chicago

via gowherehiphop

A short set by NC's own Little Brother followed by Just Blaze recapping his biggest hits, in Chicago. Peep it.


Well peoples...here they are. The video from our show this past Sunday in two parts. Unfortunately the last 4 or so mins of the vid got very choppy, so I snipped most of it out. That sucks because I wanted to put the whole set up -- but, that just means you have to come to our next show, IN PERSON. Anyways...no more delay, it's already been 4 days. Enjoy:

Part I

Part II



Don't you hate when..

...you get some new stuff and it don't work the way you thought it would? I'm having a more difficult time than I thought I would with getting the video off the camera. My editing program isn't recognizing the video format...but I'm working hard at it -- I'll have it figured out shortly. For the mean time in between time, check out these links from some of our favorite sites:

DJ Drama & Lil' Wayne, Jadakiss, Drake and Ras Kass @ nahright.com

Maxwell killed it in Conneticut @ allhiphop.com

Lil' Scrappy, Chrisette Michelle, Fabolous & Keri Hilson and Wale @ youheardthatnew.com

Thanks for swinging thru, come on back a little bit later and I should have those vids up. Much love.



Check out my wheels of steel...

This may be the biggest innovation in the hip-hop community since the 808. Ladies and Gentlemen get ready for the new video game -- DJ Hero (Activision). With DJ Jazzy Jeff as the main character, this game aims to bring the gaming world to hip-hop and vice versa.

...DJ Shadow, DJ Z-Trip, Grandmaster Flash, DJ AM and others, DJ Jazzy Jeff will shake the room and bring the party to life with his own set list featuring two exclusive mixes hand created by the legend himself – Tears for Fears “Shout” vs. Eric B. & Rakim “Eric B. Is President” and LL Cool J “Rock the Bells” vs. The Aranbee Pop Symphony Orchestra “Bittersweet Symphony.” “I am very, very excited DJ culture is finally getting its due. To have a song in DJ Hero is a dream come true; to be a character someone can pick up the controller and select you and play is probably the biggest thing to happen to me in my career,” said DJ Jazzy Jeff. “Music is so much a part of everyone’s life, DJ Hero is going to appeal to almost everybody.”


I can't wait for this to drop, I will be copping this for the crib. For the full article click here and for more on DJ Jazzy Jeff click here. Check the preliminary game cover below:

In the City - Mos Def

What do you get when you put an ill lyricist and talented actor in the same body? Probably somebody like Mos Def. Homeboy will be touching down in Charlotte on Wednesday, August 12th 2009 @ Amos'. I'ma try my best to get out to this one!

Check Amos' Southend's website right chea, and the sol kitchen over thea.


Stay Connected - Spotlight Wednesdays @ Prevue

Ever wondered how you could get the word out for your business? New to the city and need to mix and mingle with other young professionals in Charlotte? Well come out to the Prevue every Wednesday for a relaxed, after work networking opportunity. You never know who you might meet. For more information click here.

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Have an event in Charlotte and want to get it promoted properly? Contact Coretta Livingston, QC's Information Broker @ 704-492-0069 and qcinfobroker@gmail.com. She's real good at what she does. Trust me. Check out her myspace page as well.


You don't know how crazy it is outside....

"Glorious. My Life Story is obsurd..." -- Black Rob on "Life Story"

For years I've always wondered "What in the world happened to Black Rob????" I know Bad Boy is the dungeon for hot rappers not named Biggie, but come on Puff!! BR is probably one of the last, authentic rap artists. An artist that TRULY lived the things that he spoke on, AND he can actually spit! No ghost writing, no corny ass jewelry and whips -- just BR, the mic and the truth.

I was chopping it up a bit with my e-Cuz (electronic cousin for you slow ones) LV over at Cloud10, and he was like "MAYNE, where all the good Bad Boy artists go?" You remember Loon, Harlem World (although Loon was apart of HW at one point in time), G-Dep, Craig Mack, Black Rob etc. etc. and that got my tires spinning: WHERE IS BLACK ROB??? Well ladies and gentlemen, I believe I've found him...or at least some new, unheard music from him

-Six Lost Black Rob Joints

-New Joint "Big Guns" off of the new album "Bet on Black"

Shouts out to Unkut.com and smokingsection.uproxx.com

Long live BR!! No set release date for "Bet on Black" yet, but I know I'll be waiting!!


Jalapeno Chee-tos go HARD

Well, as I'm sitting here perusing the net and munchin' on my bag of cheetos, I came across a bangin track produced by legendary hip-hop producer, and Greensboro, NC native -- Ski Beats. The artist is a relatively new hip-hopper by the name of Fresh Daily (dope name too, by the way).

Fresh Daily - Untucked Nunchucks (Produced by Ski Beats)

Ski has been doing his thing in hip-hop since the 1980's, and as you can hear, the freshness just keeps on coming. For those that don't know, Ski produced 4 of my personal favorites off of Jay-Z's "Reasonable Doubt" -- Dead Presidents, 22 Two's, Feelin' It and Politics as Usual. He also produced Camp Lo's entire debut "Uptown Saturday Night" which had the hit "Luchini" as it's lead single (which reminds me....go to Charles Herron and Camp Lo's video shoot this Wednesday).

Fresh Daily’s upcoming album "The Gorgeous Killer In Crimes of Passion" hits stores on August 18th. Ski Beats, 88 Keys, illmind and several more top notch producers provide the sounds. You can check out Fresh Daily's myspace page riiiiight ----> here.

That's all I got for right now...I'm still at work, wishing I was at home. Oh well, it's all in the day's life of a YBE trying to do what he loves for a living. Thanks for checking us out and keep coming back. Video to yesterday's show is coming shortly.

I think we put on a good show tonight. I'll have video and more commentary on tomorrow. Ya'll be easy, and once again thanks for comin thru. -N.O.R.T.H.


Today is the day

N.O.R.T.H. LIVE tonight @ The Evening Muse. Doors open @ 6:15 and tickets are only $10 @ the door. Come on out and show your support for the boys!!

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We look forward to seeing you there!!!


Stay Connected - Monday Night Mic Fights @ The Nook

Too many MC's, not enough mics... - Praz

Ay man...you say you got rhymes huh? well...come get down. old school style. 1 DJ, 2 turntables, 1 MC -- you.

(yeah, you see your boys in the 2nd pic from the left, in the middle row...lol)

Shouts out to E456Productions and Kevin Womack with the graphic design.

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Google and every other place still has it listed as "The Graduate Food & Pub" but I PROMISE you they changed the name to "The Nook." Either way, come on out! Check the pics below from past events:

Rise and shine mofos! Welp, its Concert Eve and we got MAD shit to do. I will most def have some new content later tho. Check back later. Thanks for visiting!

rehearsals, recliners and Borat...

I don't know how I feel about this Borat movie. I didn't want to laugh, but at a couple points...I had to. Anyways...MAN, one of our photographers came thru the rehearsal and showed us the finished product of some pics he took. WOW. That's all I have to say. BIG shouts to Lovo over @ lovofoto.com. We will get those pics up shortly. It's the weekend man..gotta rest up for this show Sunday (I gotta find my digital camera too :-/ how the hell I'm supposed to take pics?) ..

I got my feet kicked up on my recliner, and I got a couple more things to take care of, but...I wanted to hit y'all with some new music from across the net. Check 'em out:

Chrisette Michelle ft. Wale - Fragile

2Pac ft. Snoop - If there's a cure, I dont want it (NEW)

Jadakiss - Child Abuse

Young Chris - Class of My Own


N.O.R.T.H. New Music Spotlight - Tiffany Taylor

Well, I came up on some hot new music today...That pretty, young lady up top is Ms. Tiffany Taylor. Born in Brooklyn, migrated to Manhattan, traversed to Charlotte, NC, graduated from UNCG -- this young starlet is ready to make moves in the R&B game. Check out her myspace page here, and check out some fresh music below:


Supposedly there is a big music industry seminar in Charlotte sometime next week. Im on the road, so I'll find some info when I get to a comp...

I swear this tea is @ a real good temperature right now...and so am I.

That's the last time you'll see me quote Lil' Wayne on this blog again...hahahaha...I promise. BUT, this tea is bangin' tho. Anyways...I wanted to take a lil time and shout out E. Lynn Harris (pictured) -- a very prominent Black Author that passed away today at the age of 54. Man.......we are losing way too many people.

That's Mike Jack, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Billy Mays, the Taco Bell dog , Walter Conkrite and now E. Lynn Harris...all in less than 2 months. But, we can't get mad @ God's Will, we just have to abide by it.

R.I.P E. Lynn Harris -- your literary contributions to the world were critically acclaimed and not accepted by all -- but you stayed true to what you did for a living . We will miss you brother.

Okay...enough with being somber. Here's a semi-new cut from up-and-coming Fayetteville, NC native -- J. Cole -- that just signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation label. Which, if I might add, is an EXCELLENT look regardless of what anybody says (specifically those who condemn new artists from signing to artist-run labels). Check out the vid below, and read his interview over at allhiphop.com.

Charles Herron & Sonny Cheeba Video Shoot

WHAAATT??? Another video shoot goin down in the Queen City? There was a HUGE turnout for Lil Ru's video shoot @ Alive a couple months ago....now we have another one @ The Breakfast Club in uptown Charlotte. This one should be a BIG ONE. So, get fresh, get up your crew and come out on the 29th to be in another part of Charlotte Hip-Hop History! I know we'll be there!!

The Facebook event page can be found here