Stay Connected - Monday Night Mic Fights @ The Nook

Too many MC's, not enough mics... - Praz

Ay man...you say you got rhymes huh? well...come get down. old school style. 1 DJ, 2 turntables, 1 MC -- you.

(yeah, you see your boys in the 2nd pic from the left, in the middle row...lol)

Shouts out to E456Productions and Kevin Womack with the graphic design.

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Google and every other place still has it listed as "The Graduate Food & Pub" but I PROMISE you they changed the name to "The Nook." Either way, come on out! Check the pics below from past events:

Rise and shine mofos! Welp, its Concert Eve and we got MAD shit to do. I will most def have some new content later tho. Check back later. Thanks for visiting!

rehearsals, recliners and Borat...

I don't know how I feel about this Borat movie. I didn't want to laugh, but at a couple points...I had to. Anyways...MAN, one of our photographers came thru the rehearsal and showed us the finished product of some pics he took. WOW. That's all I have to say. BIG shouts to Lovo over @ lovofoto.com. We will get those pics up shortly. It's the weekend man..gotta rest up for this show Sunday (I gotta find my digital camera too :-/ how the hell I'm supposed to take pics?) ..

I got my feet kicked up on my recliner, and I got a couple more things to take care of, but...I wanted to hit y'all with some new music from across the net. Check 'em out:

Chrisette Michelle ft. Wale - Fragile

2Pac ft. Snoop - If there's a cure, I dont want it (NEW)

Jadakiss - Child Abuse

Young Chris - Class of My Own


N.O.R.T.H. New Music Spotlight - Tiffany Taylor

Well, I came up on some hot new music today...That pretty, young lady up top is Ms. Tiffany Taylor. Born in Brooklyn, migrated to Manhattan, traversed to Charlotte, NC, graduated from UNCG -- this young starlet is ready to make moves in the R&B game. Check out her myspace page here, and check out some fresh music below:


Supposedly there is a big music industry seminar in Charlotte sometime next week. Im on the road, so I'll find some info when I get to a comp...

I swear this tea is @ a real good temperature right now...and so am I.

That's the last time you'll see me quote Lil' Wayne on this blog again...hahahaha...I promise. BUT, this tea is bangin' tho. Anyways...I wanted to take a lil time and shout out E. Lynn Harris (pictured) -- a very prominent Black Author that passed away today at the age of 54. Man.......we are losing way too many people.

That's Mike Jack, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Billy Mays, the Taco Bell dog , Walter Conkrite and now E. Lynn Harris...all in less than 2 months. But, we can't get mad @ God's Will, we just have to abide by it.

R.I.P E. Lynn Harris -- your literary contributions to the world were critically acclaimed and not accepted by all -- but you stayed true to what you did for a living . We will miss you brother.

Okay...enough with being somber. Here's a semi-new cut from up-and-coming Fayetteville, NC native -- J. Cole -- that just signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation label. Which, if I might add, is an EXCELLENT look regardless of what anybody says (specifically those who condemn new artists from signing to artist-run labels). Check out the vid below, and read his interview over at allhiphop.com.

Charles Herron & Sonny Cheeba Video Shoot

WHAAATT??? Another video shoot goin down in the Queen City? There was a HUGE turnout for Lil Ru's video shoot @ Alive a couple months ago....now we have another one @ The Breakfast Club in uptown Charlotte. This one should be a BIG ONE. So, get fresh, get up your crew and come out on the 29th to be in another part of Charlotte Hip-Hop History! I know we'll be there!!

The Facebook event page can be found here

What it dew?

Well...I just got out of a very interesting meeting with my Boss. I initially thought I was in trouble (haha), but...he just wanted to get my insight on a couple of issues. Whew.

Now, I'm sitting here tryin to figure out some categories for this here blog. I know I focus on music -- primarily the music that has shaped N.O.R.T.H. over the years -- but I want to put the spotlight on some other cats out there too. But, yet and still, I don't wanna feature the SAME artists as every other blog. Hmmm...decisions, decisions...ah well, we'll just keep making it do what it do.

I did hear a new joint by Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye called "Run This Town." I did a quick run across the blogosphere and yes, every other blog is talkin about this joint. BUT, this ain't every other blog.

Download the track here


It's 9:20...I'm in the lab...where are you??

What it do folks? I'm in the lab cookin up some goodies right now. I'm lovin it. I got the crib to the face, and I have all my *ahem* tools readily available. I just got off the phone with my lil man, bout to see about puttin somethin on my belly real quick....yeeepp, this has the makings to be a good night of good -- fresh -- music.

I was just taking a listen to one of my favorite albums: Evolution: A Polydor Anthology by Roy Ayers. MAYNE....this album right here?? A classic on so many levels, but most people won't even take time to give it it's just due -- although they are VERY familiar with his work:

It is what it is though. REAL MUSIC never gets it's just due...

Anyways, Roy's music is universal. It speaks to so many people, so many different ways -- that's the beautiful thing about this music, man. That's the type of success all musicians should strive for. Especially Hip-Hop artists...we try too hard to stay in this box of women, guns and drugs -- when it's SO much other stuff to shed light on. I understand you wanna make the club bump, but everybody don't go to the club. That's why Hip-Hop don't get the respect from the music world that it really should -- as influential as the culture is. But I ain't gonna get into all that. I'm hungry. Thanks for checkin out the blog, and check out another one of my favorite Roy clips:


N.O.R.T.H. + Live Band = The Sh*t

This is the flyer for this Sunday's concert. Come on out July 26th @ 6:15. Tix $8 in advance, $10 at the door. Email us at no.others@gmail.com to request yours TODAY!!

Friday Eve.

Well....I'm at work. Haha, yes people, I have a day job. Believe it or not, this music ish don't pay the all the bills. I can't wait to get off though, that way I can get back to my true love...music. Okay, food is a close second, but you know what I'm talkin about.

Anyways, we are just 3 days away from our show @ The Evening Muse. We had a real nice rehearsal last night...I really think y'all are in store for a good show. It's going to be a night full of good music and my favorite...good drinks. ANYWAYS...let me get off this joint before my boss come lurchin around the corner. Here are the videos fom our last show at the Evening Muse for your viewing pleasure:

music, beer & jamie foxx

Well, it's just me (Styles) and Blazer...gettin it in on yet another night on the grind. We went to the Prevue earlier..it was cool. Nothing out of the ordinary, but yet we still have to pub for this show on Sunday. We're hoping for a good turnout, but..this will be our first show without Leggs. So, it's alot riding on this. We'll be good though. This is our opportunity to really show how versatile we are.

On another note...Jamie Foxx is funny as hell. His stand up "I might need security" actually made light of alot of issues and people that's in the spotlight today. It's funny watchin him pick at Michael Jackson in this DVD, then turn around and host the "tribute" show on BET. Hahahaha, it is what it is though.

Styles and Blazer...checkin in for a lil blog action. Tryin to give the people what they want...a lil deeper insight into who we be. N.O.R.T.H. - No Others..you know the rest. Holla.