Texas says Hip-Hop Has No Stand in History

Word? That's how you feel TX?

I was perusing the 'net when I came across this stimulating article over at allhiphop.com. Check the excerpt below:

In a controversial—really whitewashed—draft of the state’s high school social studies curriculum, Hip-Hop as a significant cultural contribution failed to meet the mark, as conservatives struck out, on multiple counts, attempts to add Hip-Hop to the list of noteworthy cultural creations in American history. “Experts had recommended students study the impact of cultural movements in art, music and literature, such as Tin Pan Alley, the Beat Generation, rock and roll, the Chicano Mural Movement, country-western music and hip-hop,” reported The Houston Chronicle. “The board's seven social conservatives, joined by Geraldine ‘Tincy’ Miller, R-Dallas, considered some of the hip-hop lyrics offensive and voted to eliminate hip-hop as an option for students to consider.”

In all honesty, I knew that if the question of "Hip-Hop's contribution(s) to American history" ever came about that we'd get shafted. And boy was I correct.

The majority of America (read between the lines) will always refuse to acknowledge Black History in every aspect. From the spiritual and intellectual mecca that was Timbuktu to the invention of many of the most practical things we use today, Black contributions to the world will forever fly under the radar. But that's okay, just like Big Snoop Dogg said at the end of "Hollywood Divorce":

Take our game, take our name
Give us a little fame
And then they kick us to the curb that's a cold thang

Check the full article out here.


Scouring the 'net for NC talent...

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Ski Beats x Jean Grae x Jay Electronica x Joell Ortiz x Mos Def = Prowler 2

The N.C. legend that is Ski Beats has some new music cookin up in the "0-10." He rustled up arguably the most lyrical cats in the game right now for some new heat that you must check out.

You can download the track (CDQ, no DJ talk) here.

Shouts out to 2dopeboys and OnSmash


St. Patty's Day = Get Wasted!!! No? okay.....

Well...I'll be honest...I have NO clue who St. Patrick is in it's regards to Irish culture. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking it....it's just that ummm....I forgot all'lat back in elementary school (back with Christopher Columbus, the Preamble and all that good stuff). But anyway, Happy St. Patty's Day especially if you are indeed Irish. Keep the keg flowin, I'll partake in the festivities when I get off. Heineken's on DECK.

In other news, if it's March then that only means one thing:

That's right. It's the one time of the year where everybody in they momma is a basketball guru. Everybody got the perfect bracket. Everybody's school is going to be in the championship. Until that massive upset happens in the 2nd round, a school nobody expected makes it to the Sweet 16 and your bracket is all busted up (and you out of a good $10). LMAO.

I can talk junk this year -- after cuttin' em down last year, my team ain't even in the damn tournament. We wreckin shop in the NIT!! (LMAO...i mean that as sarcastically as possible)

Buuttt anyways, I wish you and your bracket the best. Honestly, it's anybody's tournament this year. I don't see 1 team that is a clear cut favorite to win it all. But for the sake of predictions, I'll lay mine out there: Kentucky vs. Syracuse for the title, with John Wall (NC stand up!!) and the Wildcats cuttin' em down.

You heard it here first.



Hip-Hop 101 x Duke University x UStream = Some dope sh*t

Are my eyes deceiving me? Lawd hammercy, I've posted an article about Duke?? Even though we are in a down year in ACC Basketball, I hope my Carolina Faithful don't assassinate me for this one.

Anywho...the big homie 9th Wonder and Mark Anthony Neal are giving a lecture on "Sampling Soul" today with a feature on Nas' first album, Illmatic. Class started @ 6, so yeah I'm a lil late...but it's all good, the professor cool.

Check out the live stream here courtesy of Ustream (gotta love this 21st century technology).