Carolina Commentary - Crabs in a Barrell: The Downfall of NC Hip-Hop

I woke up this morning and read something that to me, has to be the single-most important piece of writing in regards to this Carolina Hip-Hop scene. 9th Wonder took time to drop jewels that I fear many will still turn a deaf ear to. Enough of me...y'all read:

Carolina Love - Rebellious ::: The Evolution of Hustle Video Series

The SC duo Rebellious just shot me the first of the new video series, "The Evolution of Hustle". Check it out:



The N.O.R.T.H. Song of the Day

I haven't dropped one of these in a while...but today seems right. In anticipation of J. Leggs' Freestyle Chronicles (hosted by the infamous DJ B-Ski) dropping on April 1st, here's another track from the tape, "Jus Do".



Carolina Love - Madison Jay ::: County 3:16

Got this in my inbox and I was pretty intrigued:
New up and coming artist from Raleigh, NC.
Presenting the MOST creative & original concept of the new decade.

Check out the song below:

Madison Jay - County 3:16



Carolina Influence - 9th Wonder x Lil' B

Let's be honest...when you first heard this song announced you was just like me..."What?" (or depending on how much you follow hip-hop, "Who?" lol) I can admit it...I was. But then, I asked myself this:

"Do you trust 9th?"

Lmao..I know. Weird question. But, when it comes to hip-hop, I do trust 9th to deliver everytime. So I put my ear to it (finally) and lo and behold...I was actually surprised. Not by 9th's production because that's always A-1, but by Lil B's control of the track. I thought a 9th beat would be to big for dude, but he did his thing...I can't front. I wonder if he has anymore material like this one or just a catalog full of stuff like this.

Check the song out:


P. Wonda & Petey Pablo @ The NCUMAs

photo courtesy of Hardpress Studios

The big homie P-Wonda racked up at this year's North Carolina Underground Music Awards. In addition to taking home both the Male Artist of the Year and Single of the Year (DJ Hero) awards, he shut the building (and subsequently Twitter lol) down when he brought Carolina OG Petey Pablo on stage! Peep the video below: