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Carolina Love - D.R. Universal - I Remember When [VIDEO]

Carolina Love - Drama Squad ::: Go Down [VIDEO]

Carolina Love - Grammer ::: I'm Just Great

Carolina Love - Tsunami Gang ::: Good Wood

Carolina Love - Jones ::: Who The F*ck Is That?

Carolina Love - Natural Hair/Loc Styles by Rau

New N.O.R.T.H. Music - J. Leggs ::: Who Killed It?: The Remixes

Stay Connected - Queen City Awards

Carolina Love - Daminico ::: Already Stoned Mixtape

Carolina Love - Lo Keys ::: The Green Hornet Mixtape

Stay Connected - The Grateful Poetry Slam

Carolina Love - Rebellious ::: Lover's Ambition [VIDEO]

Carolina Love - Da Commission & 25/8 presents: 25/8 We Epic - The Motion Picture Mixtape

Queen City Awards.....Save the Date!!


Carolina Love - Lo Keys ::: Hard Times ft. Young Gliss [VIDEO]

Carolina Love - Ted Bundy ::: Black Dynamite Mixtape hosted by DJ B-Ski

Stay Fresh!

One time for the DJ

Carolina Love - Rebellious ::: 93 Octane [VIDEO]

I never fell off, I just fell back..

Happy NC Hip-Hop Day!!

When 'The Notorious Others' drops....

Another contest, another win...

J. Leggs is Top 10 in the 'Write to Brag Original Song Contest'!!

Awards Season is Here...

N.O.R.T.H. Co. Music: A Refresher

Carolina Love - 25/8 & DJ OTG ::: The Art of Promo hosted by DJ B-Ski

New N.O.R.T.H. Music - J. Leggs ::: Stuck On My Grind (prod. by infraredhotkey)

The Notorious Others: Defining a Sound

Carolina Love - Lo Keys ::: Superman ft. Mistah Fab & Live Sosa


Carolina Love ::: Carolina Movement Vol. 2 Hosted by DJ B-Ski

Carolina Love - Rapsody ::: Lampin' [VIDEO]

Who Killed It? -- Championship Round ::: J. Leggs vs. Sir Plus

Carolina Love - Madison Jay ::: County 3:16 [VIDEO]'s Who Killed It? Tournament - The Final Four

Stay Connected - Roc da Mic then Roc da Crowd

Carolina Love - Free Agent Jasun ::: Stop Look Listen

Carolina Love - 4THQTR ::: H.U.S.H. (Hustle Until Something Happens) ft. Devaan Newhill & Quick Rmstrong

Carolina Love - Ted Bundy ::: The Calm Before the Storm [MIXTAPE]

Carolina Love - Conrizzle ::: Crangrape & White Girls [MIXTAPE]

DJs Doing Work

Carolina Love - Jay David ::: Live Forever ft. Sincere

Carolina Love - Rebellious ::: Charger #BarsettaClubRemix ft. Jay the MVP, Quell Keith, Akshun & SB

Everybody wanna know who killed it.....

Carolina Love - Cran Neely ::: 1-800-CRAN-MAN [VIDEO]

Carolina Love - Lo Keys ::: Hero [VIDEO]

Carolina Love - Big TReal aka Joe Grizzly ::: TAOJG Vol. 4

Back like I never left...