Carolina Love - D.R. Universal - I Remember When [VIDEO]

The QC homie D.R. Universal takes us on a stroll down memory lane on this joint. Check it out:


Carolina Love - Drama Squad ::: Go Down [VIDEO]

I like this track right here. Drama Squad's got a blazer on their hands with this one. Check out the in-studio performance to "Go Down":


Carolina Love - Grammer ::: I'm Just Great

The homie Grammer got a new track out too. A preview to the upcoming Give Me The Crown 2 Mixtape, "I'm Just Great" is yet another dope track. Peep:

I'm just Great-Grammer by Grammernc



Carolina Love - Tsunami Gang ::: Good Wood

The Tsunami Gang recently dropped a new track 'Good Wood'. Check it out below. You can also check out a video of one of their club performances here.



Carolina Love - DOT.com Jones ::: Who The F*ck Is That?

New heat from the homie DOT.com on the interwebs. Get familiar!


Carolina Love - Natural Hair/Loc Styles by Rau

If you have natural hair and you need somebody nice to keep you fresh, check out my peoples. Natural Hair/Loc Styles by Rau is owned my homie and believe me, she will keep them naps in check lol. Peep her video below and get at her on twitter if you're in or around the Charlotte area -- @RauDreadz 


New N.O.R.T.H. Music - J. Leggs ::: Who Killed It?: The Remixes

Surely you've heard of this lil track called "Who Killed It?" by the one and only J. Leggs of the one and only N.O.R.T.H. Coalition, right? Well....in addition to winning the "Who Killed It?" Tournament a couple months ago, the Mr. Who Killed It? Mixtape hosted by DJ B-Ski is definitely on it's way. This will definitely satisfy your appetite until that Notorious Others finishes up in the oven. Well, right here, I have 2 seperate remixes to the title track below....featuring quite a few Carolina artists. The G-Mix featuring the homies Ted Bundi and Eclipse is up first..and the Remix featuring Sir Plus, Myckie TruFacts, Yung Pap, Buck-E, Cinemax Millz and Arsenik is the second one.


The G-Mix:

The Remix:

Stay Connected - Queen City Awards

Check out the commercial for the upcoming Queen City Awards!!! N.O.R.T.H. Co. up for Group of the Year and it's going down on Saturday, December 10th!! Cop your tickets today!! Peep:




Carolina Love - Lo Keys ::: The Green Hornet Mixtape

The homie Lo Keys got a brand new mixtape out. The Green Hornet is yet another Carolina Classic you'll want to add to your collection.




Stay Connected - The Grateful Poetry Slam

Dope event I came across here...

The Jambalaya Soul Slam presents The Grateful Poetry Slam....an all female competition. Back up in my old stomping grounds of Durham -- the Bull City. It's going down this Saturday, so if you're in the area and you dig dope spoken word, go check it out. It looks promising. Skip on over to whatsthe411nc.com for more information.


Carolina Love - Rebellious ::: Lover's Ambition [VIDEO]

 Another bangin video from the SC homies Rebellious!! PLEASE support these dudes, they working. For real.


Carolina Love - Da Commission & 25/8 presents: 25/8 We Epic - The Motion Picture Mixtape

Da Commission, 25/8, DJ B-Ski and Kuda Bang put together yet another mixtape for your Carolina Collection. Hop on over to datpiff.com to grab your copy! Shouts out to the homie Boss Chandler.


Queen City Awards.....Save the Date!!

Don't forget! The Queen City Awards go down on December 10th!! This one has the potential to be a reeeal special event. So come on out and support the QC music scene!!

Today is the last day for voting as well...so please hop on over to www.queencityawards.com and drop that vote for N.O.R.T.H. Coalition as "Group of the Year" and Myckie TruFacts "Female Artist of the Year".



Carolina Love - Lo Keys ::: Hard Times ft. Young Gliss [VIDEO]

New video from the 910 homie Lo Keys. This one is featuring Young Gliss and was shot in Philly. Peep:



Carolina Love - Ted Bundy ::: Black Dynamite Mixtape hosted by DJ B-Ski

The homie Ted Bundy got yet another bangin tape by way of DJ B-Ski.

Black Dynamite is a conceptual mixtape loaded with classics and it's definitely worth your ear. So go on ahead, skip over to datpiff.com and grab your copy.


Stay Fresh!

I'm a sucker for a dope t-shirt. I don't know...everybody has a vice when it comes to clothes. Whether you always gotta get a new fitted, new J's -- for the girls, new heels, new pocketbook...whatever...you just find yourself with wayyy too many of this one particular thing, but you don't really care do you? lmao

That's how me and t-shirts are, and Colourful Money got a few that I'm definitely going to add to the collection. Hop on over to their shop and check 'em out.



One time for the DJ

Surfin over on the Build ya Build DJs website, I came up on this dope of video of the homie DJ Dellmatic showcasing some of his skills. I love seein artist continually practice their craft...that's the only way we get to be the best right? Peep:

Keep rockin my dude!


Carolina Love - Rebellious ::: 93 Octane [VIDEO]

The SC homies Rebellious recently dropped the new video to their single 93 Octane. Here's the bit from the press release:

Fresh off there 2011 SC Music Award win for [Indie Grind of the Year], Shawt & G drop some visual for there latest leak.

Originated in 1999, REBELLIOUS, released their first album entitled "The Revelation". Also known as Shawt & G , they have been compared to groups like Eightball & MJG, Outkast and UGK. Underground Entertainment Magazine says,"With rap sales' reportedly taking an all time hit, the industry is desperately looking for their prayers to be answered, and Rebellious is the next great thing."



I never fell off, I just fell back..

What's good, good people? Styles back on the check in and clearly on my P-Wonda sh*t.

I finally moved to a new spot a couple of weeks ago, and a brotha finally got internet and cable installed at the crib today. So, I'm officially back in the game and keeping yall with the fresh Carolina music, fashion and art that you may not be up on just yet. It's a hassle trying to write and network thru a smartphone, so I just decided to let it breathe for a lil bit...

I'm not that big of a social media junky.

Anyways, I ain't gonna talk your head off...I'ma just get to these Carolina Classics. As always, thank you for rockin with me over the past couple of years. Over 12,000 individual readers is an amazing number and it's still growing. So, please...keep reading, keep sharing and keep supporting. I love you all.



Happy NC Hip-Hop Day!!

This is truly an exciting time in hip-hop right now...more in particular, NC hip-hop. 9th Wonder, J. Cole & Phonte all dropped projects and quite frankly, they announce the return of the real. Real hip-hop is beginning to re-emerge and I love it.


When 'The Notorious Others' drops....

...it's really going to shake things up.

This album has a chance to put us on another level, career-wise. I mean, let's be honest, we've never made "club" music or "trap" music or any of the other genre of music that dominates the radio (that new "Hip-Pop" genre they made up for instance). We've always stuck to our guns and made music from the heart that reflects the common struggles we all face.

People have longed to have music of substance return to the game. Music they can relate to, knowing that they don't have endless amounts of money, jewelry, guns, drugs and women. Knowing they can't make it rain without going broke, nor are they always able to enjoy some fine female's booty work. They want music they can play front-to-back without skipping a track. Music that represents a soundtrack to their life.

That's what we aim to deliver.

You know that one restaurant in the hood you can count on for a bangin meal -- for a good price? That's the type of music we've been cookin up for y'all. Good ol' iron skillet hip-hop, got all the seasoning and cooked perfect every time. That's what's gonna be in that clamshell food box with the receipt taped to the lid. That good food for the soul. So, just hold tight...go on and grab some extra napkins and a drink cup....we just adding some extra sauce. I'm sure you're going to crush it.



Another contest, another win...

The homie J. Leggs is on a tear through the last 2 quarters...

From the "Freestyle Chronicles" dropping back in April
to being featured on the "Carolina Movement Vol. 2" mixtape back in July
to winning the "Mr. Who Killed It?" contest back in August
to being featured on the "Art of Promo" mixtape this month
to winning the "Write to Brag" contest this month....


That's the only thing that can really be said at this point. The man is serious about this music thing. Just as much as the rest of the N.O.R.T.H. Co. family is. Hopefully the rest of the public will begin to recognize it, just as much as you guys -- the faithful readers of this blog and supporters of our music. Big shouts out to the foreign visitors too...we're getting hits from around the globe and that feels GREAT.

We're going to keep pushing. Keep making good music. Keep winning these contests. Keep making you proud.

Thanks for your support. We really, really, REALLY appreciate it.



J. Leggs is Top 10 in the 'Write to Brag Original Song Contest'!!

Brand new contest over on ChesterGreenMusic.com

Out of thousands of entries, J. Leggs' track "Stuck On My Grind" (prod. by infraredhotkey) was chosen along w/ 9 other entries for the right to participate in this original song contest.

Yet another big move for not just this single, but for N.O.R.T.H. music as a whole.

By all accounts, I like the blog (ChesterGreenMusic.com) and this contest. Leggs is the only representative from NC on the final ballot, everybody else from Canada, Ohio, the Bronx...places like that. But without further ado, voting has started today, so you already know what we need from you....that good ol' vote!



Awards Season is Here...

Well good people, its that time of year again....The Queen City Awards are about to kickoff and nominations are open!

This is the opportunity I was speaking of earlier when I said that we're going to need your support to take this thing global, so this is only the first step of many more to come. I believe we can really bring one home this year. We'll see.

The polls are open right now as we speak though, so please go drop the names as below:

Hip-Hop Male of the Year: J. Leggs
Hip-Hop Female of the Year: Myckie TruFacts
Hip-Hop Group of the Year: N.O.R.T.H. Coalition
Best Publication of the Year: Respectmytruth.com

....and you can vote more than one time too...vote as much as you can daily ok? We really do appreciate the love, we're really going to make it pay off. Spread the word.



N.O.R.T.H. Co. Music: A Refresher

The good folks here at N.O.R.T.H. Coalition Music Group would like to provide a quick refresher of all of the projects we currently have in circulation and those slated to drop. Some people don't know we have so much music out there, others don't believe we do and then there's that great majority that don't even know...so, here you go:

Northern Exposure: The Mixtape Vol. 1
Northern Exposure: The Mixtape Vol. 2
Northern Exposure: The Mixtape Vol. 3
Northern Exposure: The Mixtape Vol. 4
Northern Exposure: The Mixtape Vol. 5
Northern Exposure: The Album
...not a kid anymore: The Lost Instrumentals
Freestyle Chronicles Vol. 1
Carolina Movement Vol. 2
The Art of Promo
The Notorious Others (COMING THIS MONTH)
The Notorious Others pt. 2 (COMING WHENEVER YALL WANT IT)
Mr. Who Killed It? The Mixtape (COMING VERY SOON)
The Best of Respect My Truth Mixtape Vol. 1 (COMING SOON)

Carolina Love - 25/8 & DJ OTG ::: The Art of Promo hosted by DJ B-Ski


25/8 Ent., DJ OTG & DJ B-Ski have put together a dope project by the name of "The Art of Promo"....Nice.

Multiple talented MCs including the homie J. Leggs (#NORTHNORTH) are showcased on this one. Annddd, check me out....over 1700 downloads already....what? are you serious?

Go get you one.


New N.O.R.T.H. Music - J. Leggs ::: Stuck On My Grind (prod. by infraredhotkey)

The word is spreading about this N.O.R.T.H. music.

If you can recall back to the time of the "Who Killed It?" Tournament (on NCHipHopConnect.com), J. Leggs' first track -- rightfully named "Who Killed It?" -- was produced by up-and-coming superproducer infraredhotkey from Atlanta. Well, ever since that track dropped and Leggs moved on to the next round (and eventually to win the whole tournament), he and Infrared never stopped choppin it up about this music thing.

So, here we are...the first of two tracks produced by the homie infraredhotkey with the N.O.R.T.H. homie Leggs providing the imagery. "Stuck on my Grind" is currently #4 on the top50indie.com charts....so it's definitely worth your ear, and your vote. Click the player below to play and/or download. Click the link below to listen and vote. I'll put up the download link up in a bit.




The Notorious Others: Defining a Sound

This month will be the start of a new brand of hip-hop. For over the past 18 or so months, we have been constructing a sound that can be distinct to our locale. While allowing the music to just flow, we wanted to maintain an overall feel that would be universal to multiple different audiences. Let's be real, everybody knows its a West Coast artist when they hear that classic West Coast-64 Impala-Crip Walk bounce. Everybody knows when an Atlanta or a New York artist drops by their sound...it's what sets you apart. What makes you who you are.

That's what we set out to accomplish with this project.

For those that don't know, we have been recording and putting out projects for years. The Northern Exposure Mixtape Series is just that, an exposure to the upcoming of this ever-evolving brand known as N.O.R.T.H. - No Others Respect True Hip-Hop. We first began recording songs for that 50-track compilation in 2004. 5 mixtapes and a digital album tells the story of where we're from and how we came up, The Notorious Others picks up where that left off and carries us into the future.

For what we bring to the table musically, I don't feel as though we have the exposure that we need in order to get in position to make larger moves. With The Notorious Others, we aim to change that. People say "You need a single! You need a single!"....point is, we ain't tryin to get signed. Too many artists are gettin it independently, and I wholeheartedly believe in this project right here. Because the #1 goal is doing what? Making good music.

This album is going to be over 20 tracks.....and we already have pt. 2 lined up as well. So, depending on the initial feedback on pt. 1, we'll determine whether or not to drop pt. 2 this year or push it back to the next. Either way you're going to love it. It's true, Carolina Hip-Hop...unlike nobody doing it now. The big thing is, it's not a regional sound. We honestly believe this thing can be big.

BUT, we're going to need everybody's help.

From everyone that voted for Leggs to win the "Who Killed It?" tourney, to those that have already downloaded the past mixtapes, to those who follow on twitter, that are fans on facebook....those that read this blog...all of y'all. We need all of y'all to support this project. We got videos coming for alot of the songs as well...we're planning for a real special treat with that, because these will be our first set (yes, 'set') of official music videos for the masses. So we bout to put the pressure on the market. For real.

Like we've said so many times before in the past, still waters run deep. We've been fightin for our space in this market since '02. Pain and struggle have molded us into effortless musicians, able to speak life with uncanny undertones of humility, honesty and humor. Plain and simple...we're different, and we're sorry if it's not what you're used to, but it's all in the name: No Others Respect True Hip-Hop...you either do or you don't.

Here's a lil warm-up track...more songs to come:


Carolina Love - Lo Keys ::: Superman ft. Mistah Fab & Live Sosa

New music from the homie Lo Keys..."Superman" featuring Mistah Fab & Live Sosa. Check it out and download it below:




I would like to take this time to congratulate the homie J. Leggs on bringing home the 1st ever "Who Killed It?" Tournament title!

NCHipHopConnect.com put together an excellent competition that definitely challenged all artists involved. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to mix and/or master a couple of Leggs' songs for each round, but definitely it was his creativity that far outshined the rest -- even with a weak beat in the final round. But just like I said about a couple posts down, the beat variety forces the true artists to the forefront. If you respect the power of hip-hop, then it's easy to see that no others do it quite like us.

No Others Respect True Hip-Hop.


Carolina Love ::: Carolina Movement Vol. 2 Hosted by DJ B-Ski

I told y'all it was coming and that it was going to be hot...

Once again the homie DJ B-Ski has delivered a classic NC mixtape full of the hottest up-and-coming artists, like Ted Bundy, Devaan Newhill & Quick Rmstrong and N.O.R.T.H. Co.'s own J. Leggs.

Hop on over to ThatCrack.com and give it a download. Over 1,600 downloads already!!


Carolina Love - Rapsody ::: Lampin' [VIDEO]

I don't post enough Rapsody music on here, I must admit. But I did come across this nice song & video earlier today. Dopeness guaranteed.

RAPSODY - LAMPIN' from Pricefilms on Vimeo.



Who Killed It? -- Championship Round ::: J. Leggs vs. Sir Plus

Well folks...this is it. The final round in NCHipHopConnect.com's "Who Killed It?" Tournament. It's a close battle...probably because the beat is incredibly weak for a championship round, but I'm confident Leggs can still win this thing.

In case you haven't been following the tournament, Leggs won round 1 with the unofficial tournament theme song "Who Killed It?". Round 2 found Leggs with another victory in "Man Down", and now we're in the final round with "Killed the Beat". It's quite obvious that the beat supplied for the last song is weaker than the first two, but perhaps you have to look at it as a challenge. An odd beat in the championship round forces the final two to dig deeper to become more creative...therefore seeing who truly has song writing/story telling skill vs. who's just a rapper. We'll let the people decide this one.



Carolina Love - Madison Jay ::: County 3:16 [VIDEO]

Check out this video from the homie Madison Jay. I ran into him at Sucker Free Sundays a couple months ago and he showed loved to the movement. So, it's only natural to show it back. Peep:



NCHipHopConnect.com's Who Killed It? Tournament - The Final Four

Well it's down to the Final Four in the "Who Killed It?" Tournament. The homie J. Leggs is up against the New Rank homie Eclipse...so it stands to be a tight battle, but nevermind all that...just go on ahead, skip over there, give the tracks a listen and drop that vote for Leggs!!




Stay Connected - Roc da Mic then Roc da Crowd

Tonight it goes down courtesy of the big homie Kev Glover. "Roc da Mic then Roc da Crowd" stands to be dope event for those in support of Carolina music, so come on out tonight!! N.O.R.T.H. Co. will be in the building putting it down like we do of course. Fall thru and support your city!!



Carolina Love - Free Agent Jasun ::: Stop Look Listen

New joint from the Raleigh homie Free Agent Jasun. We been on the bill with dude a couple times, so I know he got them bars. PLUS, this track was featured on the weekly 919 Radio Show on K97.5! Call 919-848-9765 or tweet Nikki Nikole @Nikki2Hot4radio or @k975 to keep it in rotation! Check it out:

Stop Look Listen - Free Agent Jasun



Carolina Love - Ted Bundy ::: The Calm Before the Storm [MIXTAPE]

The homie Ted Bundy has dropped his highly anticipated mixtape, The Calm Before The Storm hosted by DJ B-Ski. Trust and believe this is some good Carolina music right here. Go head and grab you a copy.


Carolina Love - Conrizzle ::: Crangrape & White Girls [MIXTAPE]

New music from the Goldsboro, NC homie Conrizzle. Shouts out to DJ B-Ski for the link. I ain't gonna lie...this mixtape title alone made me want to listen. Being as though I was just drinking crangrape with grey goose last night....

Click Here to Listen


DJs Doing Work

Everybody knows....or should know...the importance of the DJ to not to just Hip-Hop, but to music in general. This upcoming documentary intends to shed some light on this critical artform (shouts out to Blew for shooting me the link).


Carolina Love - Jay David ::: Live Forever ft. Sincere

New music from the homie Jay David aka Carolina Blew!

Click here to give it a spin.



Everybody wanna know who killed it.....

Well good peoples...it's time for the "Who Killed It?" Tournament going down over on nchiphopconnect.com.

If you recall, my bruh won week 3 of the competition by a landslide. Now he's poised to bring home the grand championship by winning the entire tournament! Check the promo vid below and then click the link below it to go and cast your vote!

J. Leggs! J. Leggs! J. Leggs! J. Leggs! J. Leggs! J. Leggs! J. Leggs! J. Leggs!


Carolina Love - Cran Neely ::: 1-800-CRAN-MAN [VIDEO]

Much respect to the homie Cran Neely...1) for holdin down Rock Hill, SC and 2) for shootin me his latest offering to the Carolina music scene. Click play and give it a spin.

Follow the homie on twitter too!


Carolina Love - Lo Keys ::: Hero [VIDEO]

Fresh Lo Keys video on deck! Check out "Hero" off the homie's latest project "Front Street Cafe". Click here to follow the homie on twitter!


Carolina Love - Big TReal aka Joe Grizzly ::: TAOJG Vol. 4

Now...forgive me for not blessing yall with the link to this earlier. HOWEVER, this is Vol. 4 of one of my favorite series (got vol. 1 & 2 in the whip faithfully). Hop on over to Big TReal's Bandcamp page and give it a spin...guaranteed to not disappoint!


Back like I never left...

Been underground for minute....wrapping up projects and spending valuable time with my family. I'll tell you what, this Notorious Others project droppin late summer is going to be STUPID. Hard work pays off and I truly believe N.O.R.T.H. Co. is ready to up the ante in this NC music game....so don't get it twisted because you don't see us on these webs. Like the homie P-Wonda said "I never fell off, I just fell back."

Boatloads of new Cak music on the way!!