2 Shows, 2 Nights, 2 Cities, NORTH NORTH

2 Show, 2 Cities, 2 Nights -- Dec. 16th we in Raleigh...that very next night we're back in the Queen City. COME ROCK WITH US!!


New N.O.R.T.H. Music - J.Leggs ::: Freestyle Chronicles Vol. 1

Don't forget we still got the free downloads for you too. J. Leggs -- Freestyle Chronicles. We got them in the streets right now. Working on store placements and of course online as well. You already know about the digital album, instrumental album and 5 mixtapes down the right hand side, right? Okay...just checkin.

That Cray Cray pt. 1 (Prod. by Styles)

That Cray Cray pt. 2 (Prod. by Styles)

She Ready

Keep it Moving


Carolina Love - Lo Keys ::: All I want is you [VIDEO]

Like clockwork the homie Lo Keys has another video hot off the presses. Check it out below:


Carolina Love - Free Agent Jasun

I was on twitter earlier and got hit with some new music that I really dig. Word up. Raleigh representative Free Agent Jasun got some heat with him. Hop over to ReverbNation to hear the rest of his joints. Especially "All Night" and "Waterproof".

Stop, Look, Listen - Free Agent Jasun


Build Ya Brand 101

Although I didn't write this article, I'm posting it because it contains some good pieces of information for all my aspiring business-people. I want to give a big shout out to Tia over at Sarcastic Renegade for putting this together. I missed the deadline and didn't get to contribute (daggone Christmas shopping) but it has good lil tidbits from some V.I.P.s across the state. Give it a read after the jump: