Carolina Love - B.o.B ::: No Genre Mixtape

Georgia by way of Winston-Salem native & Grand Hustle artist B.o.B got a new mixtape out. "No Genre" has features from T.I, Bun B, Young Dro, Wiz Khalifa, CyHi Da Prynce, Donnis and Playboy Tre; and production that spans from Polow da Don to Quincy Jones. This is definitely worth a download too. I am listening it to it right now. yezzir....Click here to check it out!


Carolina Love - Rapsody ::: Return of the B-Girl

Check out NC femcee Rapsody on her FREE-P. With ill lyricism and production from the likes of 9th and Premo you already know it's worth a download. Click here to grab yours.



The 704 Show

I've said it before and I'll say it again. THIS WILL BE THE HOTTEST CAROLINA CONCERT TO DROP IN THE CITY! I guarantee you that every single act on the bill is legitimate. Plus it covers all genres! We got spoken word artists, r&b and of course the Carolina crack - all hosted by 2-time Emmy Award Winning poet Bluz! DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!

N.O.R.T.H. Co., Unseenhand, Black Label, Fam 4 Life, Black Butterfly, Sony/BMG -- One Classic night in Carolina Hip-Hop. COME OUT.


The N.O.R.T.H. Song of the Day

No hook needed. Just listen.

Stay Connected - "The World Famous" DJ Kid Capri @ Club 935

I was just talkin bout DJs earlier and one of my favorites of all-time is about to touch down in my city.

Kid Capri got me hooked when Def Comedy Jam was new and fresh. I used to always say it with him "KIIIIIIDDDDDD CAPRI! (capri! ..capri!)" lmao. But anyways, if you in the city go check the big homie out!


Stay Connected - Professor Griff @ UNCC

It's coincidental that I was youtubin it earlier today watching videos of the legendary member of the esteemed hip-hop group, Public Enemy -- Professor Griff and he's about to be in Charlotte.

December 12th will be an eye-opening day for the ones that decide to attend. The rabbithole goes deep when it concerns the origin of music and how it relates to the spiritual battle that we all fight, and Griff has no problem uncovering these truths for you.

It ain't gonna be for everybody, but it will open the eyes of somebody. I already know. Peep the vid:


Salute the DJ

Jermaine Dupri rode on em, Lil' Wayne said "F*ck em", P. Wonda call 'em the Heroes -- but no one can deny they laid the foundation to Hip-Hop.

The DJ controlled the crowd with the music. He had the ability to get the party poppin, mellow it out or shut it down. The MC started off as the 'assistant' to the DJ, if you will. The MC got the crowd to participate and to shout out the DJ (i.e. "Go DJ! That's my DJ!")...but somewhere along the line the friendship got distorted. The MC wanted the shine & love that the DJ was getting...which lead to the MC developing rhymes to the DJ's sets, allowing the MC to captivate the crowd using his voice, words and ability to tell a little story. Hence the birth of today's Hip-Hop music.

But nobody can deny the significance of the DJ. Even to this day we as artists still need DJs to break our records. Some live by the code, some don't. But you can't say that we don't need each other in order for Hip-Hop to live on.

So...salute your favorite DJ. Thank y'all for helping keep Hip-Hop alive! Check out this video with some of your favorite DJs speaking on their influences coming up. Shout out to 2dopeboyz.


Put some fire on the ass end of that weed...

Cee-Lo Green took some time to chop it up about the upcoming Goodie Mob Reunion. Check it out.

Cee-Lo Green on Goodie Mob Reunion from beatsbydrdrew on Vimeo.