In them streets...

Catch N.O.R.T.H. in them streets of the Cak today!! Not sure exactly what city we'll be in, but we'll in 1 of these 100 counties promoting and pushing the Northern Exposure Mixtape Series and advanced copies of J. Leggs' Freestyle Chronicles Vol. 1!!

Holla at us when you see us in them streets!!



Carolina Love - Cutty Boi ::: NASCAR Hip-Hop

Remember when I told y'all about Cutty Boi a couple days ago? Well, here's a fresh video from the homie up top. Check it out!



Carolina Love - Quantum Foundry ::: Marsupial Weekend

The beautiful thing about hip-hop is that it isn't one dimensional. A hip-hop beat can be and has been created from using samples from all kinds of music -- with the exception of country music. Nelly tried, but to this day...I still do not like that song lol.

Hip-Hop is truly the only universal genre, meaning you can tailor fit hip-hop to who you are and what you want to say. Quantum Foundry does that. Their album, Marsupial Weekend, is full of that underground sound that is ever present in the Queen City.

A child needs his father...

Came up on a dope video by way of the homie Ananamuss. Shout out to all my real fathers taking care of their kids and extra big shout out to all my dudes out there that WANT to be a part of their kids lives but have vengeful, spiteful baby mommas.


Carolina Love - Mica Swain ::: Catching the Rain ft. Marc Law & Willie B

Hot new video from Mica Swain on deck!! Carolina weather been crazy the past couple of weeks so this is right on time lol. Check it out and leave some feedback for her on youtube!!



Carolina Love - Greeno Cash ::: Tonite ft. Yung Brazy

The homie Greeno Cash hit me with a new track from his stash tonight. "Tonite" is the title and personally, I love the way this track ride. It's gonna be on his upcoming mixtape "Da Green-A-Thon" -- Oct. 10th!!! Check out some more Greeno Cash music here.