Carolina Love - Big Dreek ::: Switch it Up ft. Rocko & Bettie Grind

New heat from Shelby/Charlotte representa Big Dreek featuring the homie Rocko and Charlotte representa Bettie Grind. PEEP!


Carolina Love - Pearl City ::: Ten 31 Better Late Than Never

Killer new tape from Raleigh reps -- Pearl City! Shout out to Flash for shootin me the link.

I like this group sound...definitely got shades of Cash Money. Classic South/Mid-East flavor -- especially with tracks like "They Mad" and "Blowin My High". But they switch it up with tracks like "Nightmares" in order to showcase some versatility. I def would like to here more of these cats.

Skip on over to datpiff.com to check it out and form your own opinion.



Carolina Love - Ski Beatz ::: Blue and Green ft. Nesby Phips

lol..Jay-Z say "All black", Jeezy say "All white everything", Game say "Everything Red", Wiz say "Black and Yellow"...the homie Ski Beatz say "Blue and Green". But the whole concept is flipped. I love the beat..that's my groove right there. Plus...I didn't even know Ski spit! I been a fan of his music for a long time so this prolly will go right in my rotation. Yep.


Carolina Love - Kil Ripkin ::: the quickening

Now, this dude I'm about to introduce y'all to ain't necessarily a North Carolinian...he's actually from Brooklyn. HOWEVER, this dude has collaborated with multiple Queen City artists time and time again...we actually were on the bill with him a show put on by Turnah Classics a couple months back. But let me put you up on Kil Ripkin...dynamic lyricist. I'm tellin you.

He just dropped a new tape -- The Quickening Vol. 1. Please do hip-hop a favor and go peep it.


Carolina Love - Heather Victoria ::: I'll Always Be Down ft. Rapsody


Dope track! Hop on over to 9thWonder.com for more info!!


Carolina Love - P. Wonda ::: All My G'z ft. Blac Boi, Ricky Ruckus & Tigo B

More heat from the homie P. Wonda. Nice lil club joint right chea....oooh wee!


Carolina Love - Ike Ellis ::: Carolina Conglomerate ft. Broadway Miller & Young Nitres

New heat from one of the most traveling dudes I know in the state, Ike Ellis! I like this joint...I especially like the collaboration with my dude Broadway and Young Nitres. I wish more Carolina artists...especially the more well known ones...would reach outside the box for collabs a little more. I know of some dope combos that prolly would create some heat!


Carolina Love - Grammer ::: Geisha ft. Jus-K

I need all my Charlotteans to call up Power 98 and request my homie Grammer's new single -- Geisha -- featuring R&B sensation Jus K!!

Check out more Grammer and Jus K music while you're at it!!



Carolina Love - SkyBlew ::: Write Blew On The Clouds 2

Nice piece of work from the homie SkyBlew. I like this flavor of music. That laid-back, Kweli/Slum Village/9th Wonder flow..dig?

I remember us being on the bill with homie up in Raleigh at the Pour House a couple months ago. My girl A-Robb holding everything down at Eargasm Ent. What UP!

Go listen!


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