On the road again...

What it is peoples? I'm bout to hit the highway to The Bull City. Connect with some of my peoples out there. I'll hit y'all with a couple posts while I'm out there; and of course we always on the lookout for new music. So, y'all have a safe weekend..and send one up to the Big Homie for me while I hit this highway.


Mike Posner + J Records = Good Look

Detroit, MI native & Duke University (Durham, NC) Senior, Mike Posner is a dynamic R&B cat ready to make some noise in the game. He recently inked a deal with J Records, home of such artists as Alicia Keys, Jamie Foxx and NC's own Fantasia. Mike surely has his own flavor....I can't deny that, and surely you won't either.

Posner and his group, The Brain Trust, officially released their first mixtape "A Matter of Time" in February 2009. He's put in some work with Wale, Big Sean (one of Kanye's artists), Kid Cudi and 9th Wonder. I think his music is dope. You can't really front on it. Hopefully more and more people will begin to listen to what NC music has to say. I'm all about the team baby, because if one go we all go.

Peep Mike's jam w/ Wale and Big Sean produced by 9th:

Stayin aliiiiiiivvveeeee.....

One of my favorite artists of the 90's just had a recent interview/perfomance on Good Day New York. I hate he lost all that time doing that bogus bid...but I guess ONE THING that I liked of George Bush was that he pardoned my dude. Oh well, enjoy the above clip, and check out some classic John Forte, Pras and Wyclef here.

Just saw a crazy wreck while I was headed to get some food. '09 Corvette rear-ends a '94 Cavalier...why couldnt that be me?! Talk about "Cash for Clunkers" FML

@ Rehearsal

Here's a lil vid of me and the boys jammin out during a break in rehearsal. Charles on the bass, Blake on the lead and me just messin around on the drums (it's been a minute since I last played..lol).



Don't stop the music - Yarbrough & Peoples

This is one my favorites cuts of all time. Yes. I said cuts. It came on the iPod on the way to work and it was in my head from then on. If this jam don't at least make you nod your head at some point during the song...you don't know music mayne... Unfortunately...this would be only one of their few hits.

This joint dropped in 1980. They had one more #1 hit -- "Don't Waste Your Time" in 1984, and were practically never heard of after that. But this song stood the test of time. Will people still bang this b.s. on the radio now 30 years later? Good question.

Peep the video though. lmao...


Grandmaster Flash takes us to the root of it all....

Grandmaster Flash -- one of the pioneers of DJing, cutting and mixing -- is starting a new video series documenting the origins of the DJ culture. Below is a blurb from nahright.com:

Whaaaat’s up! I’ve just released my first video detailing my humble beginnings and where the DJ science of using the turntables as an instrument was created!

This is part one of my tour of where I grew up in the Bronx and my process in creating the turntable science. Journalists get it correct, the dawn of Hip Hop was in the 70’s!!!

Stay tuned, there will be more videos on the way. Just trying to set the record straight for journalists and hip hop historians who aren’t getting it right!!!

Check it out some classic Grandmaster Flash below.


Stay Connected - SSHHH Sensual Poetry and R&B @ Happy Hour

This event here has quickly evolved into my Friday night destination. I went for the first time last Friday thinking I'd stumbled upon a new spot -- come to find out I knew almost every poet there! lol...crazy. But, I want to send a huge, special shout out to Pink & Diamond over @ Pink Diamond Quality Promotions & Events. Keep up the good work ladies! I'll update this post with some pics from previous events in a few (a brother is at work...lol). In the mean time, check out their myspace page here.

(Styles and the lovely Pink & Diamond @ SSSHH)

Renegade LIVE by Jay-Z + Eminem

I'm tryin to figure out why Eminem and Jigga are performing this song more and more lately. It's always been one of my all-time favorite songs, but I find it weird that Em just dropped a new album but it's at least 5 NEW videos of Hov and Marshall...*shrugs* oh well, enjoy.


Stay Connected - Spotlight Wednesdays @ Prevue

Ever wondered how you could get the word out for your business? New to the city and need to mix and mingle with other young professionals in Charlotte? Well come out to the Prevue every Wednesday for a relaxed, after work networking opportunity. You never know who you might meet. For more information click here.

Have an event in Charlotte and want to get it promoted properly? Contact Coretta Livingston, QC's Information Broker @ 704-492-0069 and qcinfobroker@gmail.com. She's real good at what she does. Trust me. Check out her myspace page as well.


Scarface: Uncut

Below is an excerpt from a recent interview with the legend, Scarface via allhiphop.com:

AllHipHop.com: What will it take for Hip-Hop to get to back to embracing creativity and delivering a message rather than being a number’s game?

Scarface: It ain’t no number’s game no more. Nobody has any numbers no more. Hip-Hop is changing; it’s a money thing. Until the power’s that be start taking it seriously it’ll continue to be in the state that it’s in. It’s some s*** that’s out today that wouldn’t have ever made it before the change. I think that today radio and visual played a huge part in what “they” say Hip-Hop is.

Middle-aged black people and middle-aged white people make up Hip-Hop; when honestly, youth is Hip-Hop. I hear some f***ing MCs that will forever go unnoticed because of the way that the game is. [Ed.’s note: Scarface mentioned the greatness of K-Rhino and Z-RO as prolific Southern MCs.] But they always tell us the truth, the story. Hip-Hop ain’t no “booty-dew.”

AllHipHop.com: [laughs]

Scarface: [chants] Do the booty-dew, do the booty-dew—do the so and so, do the so and so-you know. Don’t get me wrong; every genre of music is going to need their dance records. You’ll have to listen very very closely to what I’m saying. I feel like, the power’s that be, that control what’s being heard in black music and what’s being signed in black music, you know, as far as—the people who put that s*** out there, man. They don’t know nothing about our craft and our culture and our struggle.

It’s impossible for Henry Fartburger to know what’s hot in Hip-Hop. It’s impossible, he don’t know the culture, he’s not familiar with the culture, dude. He’s never been to the f***ing hood, unless he signed one of these goofy ass n****s and they took him to out there, on a pass. Them mutha****ers don’t pass through the hood, man. They’re not from there. They don’t know anything about us. They just sign a check. If you ask me it’s a f***ing conspiracy to destroy black music—to destroy the craft.

The man 'Face said some real sh*t here. Click here for the full article.

Canada, eh?

Came across a vlog from one of my favorite artists -- Raekwon the Chef -- posted up in Canada. Talkin about the new album and general views on the game right now. Peep it.


Introducing Saloan "Loany G" Goodwin (right). A very talented, young photographer that is making her mark. As a student at North Carolina A&T, she has partnered up with her friend Sade (left) and together they have formed Whipped Kitty Vintage Clothing. Take a peek at her work in the slideshow below, and check out her myspace page here.

Still smoookinn.....

Delonte West of the Cleveland Cavaliers and his homeboy CLOWNING @ KFC. Classic.


What in the world....

Man, I understand wanting to prove a point to your kids...but...draggin your kid thru a store on a leash? like ain't nobody watchin?? what in the world is wrong with you?