My new car...

Yo. This bad boy right here?! CTS..Magnum? A Cadillac MAGNUM? lol. I want this bad boy right here, real talk. They call it the Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon...and at 304 HP, this ain't yo granddaddy's caddy.

The grill, the rear, the interior, the silhouette -- everything about this car screams power and versatility. Since the world is shifting towards fuel-efficient SUV/Wagons -- "Crossovers" if you will -- Cadillac just smashes the game and steals Dodge, Toyota and Ford's shine (Magnum (which has been discontinued), Venza & Edge/Flex).

So, with that being said....starting @ $38,860.00 I can definitely see myself in this bad boy in the near future. Yeeeaaahhhh.......

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