Imaginary Beef?

"Go 'head witcha sneak dissin n*ggaaaaa..." - Jeezy

Say it ain't so man!! My two favorite Southern rappers beefin??? I don't know man, your guess is as good as mine. It's crazy to me because I believe this is the first time in hip-hop history where two superstars are apparently going at each other, but keep publicly denying it.

Let's do a quick recap to see how we got here:

1.) Rick Ross drops the street/club banger "B.M.F. (Blowing Money Fast)" on his early Summer mixtape (and Teflon Don prequel) The Albert Anastasia EP.
2.) The streets fall in love with the song and Ross soon has the entire USA screaming "I THINK I'M BIG MEECH!!"
3.) The internet starts buzzing that the real Big Meech (born Demetrius Flenory, currently serving fed time as the leader of the notorious Black Mafia Family -- or B.M.F.) and the B.M.F. family isn't exactly cool with the fact that a former Correctional Officer is using his name to further his fame.
4.) The real Big Meech gives Ross the co-sign from behind bars which deads all of the rumors.
5.) New rumors fly that Young Jeezy -- while never known to claim being an actual member of B.M.F. is very well affiliated with them from his "come up" years -- is salty over the B.M.F. record and has secretly recording a remix/diss using the same instrumental.
6.) A brand new Jeezy song surfaces titled "B.M.F. (The Real Blowin Money Fast)" with a recorded conversation with the incarcerated Big Meech. But it's on a totally different beat and with seemingly different lyrical content. People don't know how to take it......is it a diss? just another record? why he call it "The Real B.M.F."?
7.) Rick Ross goes on radio to say that he's confused about the record Jeezy dropped and that he doesn't have beef with Jeezy.
8.) Jeezy drops the long anticipated remix to the original B.M.F track on his 1000 Grams Mixtape titled "Death before Dishonor (B.M.F. Remix)" and spits some subliminal barbs toward Ross ("How you blowin' money fast? You don't know the crew /Are you part of the fam? Sh*t, I never knew).
9.) Rick Ross' protege and Triple C's member Torch goes in on Jeezy on twitter.
10.) Rick Ross drops new song titled "Summa's Mine" and hurls some subliminal darts back at Jeezy (self-made, you just affiliated, really a waterboy, n*gga you entertainment/Blowin Money Fast/Yellow Maserati/Dead man walkin')
11.) Jeezy says he isn't beefing with Ross

So after all of that....we back at square one. And we as fans of hip-hop not supposed to know when beef exists? We've seen LL vs. Kool Moe Dee, Big vs. Pac, Jay-Z vs. Nas, 50 Cent vs. Everybody, Ice Cube vs. NWA, Boogie Down Productions vs. The Juice Crew --- point is, WE KNOW WHAT BEEF IS!!!

Don't get me wrong, I don't particularly like beef or diss tracks. But I hate subliminal dissing even worse than that. I'd have way more respect for you if call the man name out -- this whole saga equates to talkin about somebody behind their back and then smiling in their face. If you don't like dude, LET IT BE KNOWN!! That's all I'm saying. But for the sake of hip-hop, for the sake of the knuckleheads in hip-hop and just for the sake of the direction our music is taking, I hope it's not real; and if it is PLEASE let's keep this on wax. The South needs both of these giants.


Carolina Love - King Carter ft. Verse Simmonds

Just came up on some new heat put up by the homie King Carter -- Charlotte, NC representa. With the assistance of Superproducer Krazy Figz, King Carter put out and introspective track that speaks to anybody. I like this joint right here, it's got a message behind it. Listen.

For the behind the scenes of the video shoot, click here.

Follow King Carter @Kingcarternc



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Carolina Exposed x Talent Search South

Here's a teaser vid from the Talent Search South showcase this past Sunday in Raleigh. My dude Vandem P (owner of Carolina Exposed DVD) and my dude Magic Obama brought Fabrizio Sotti -- CEO of Sotti and Koch Records (now E1 Entertainment) -- along with M1 from Dead Prez and quite a few other record label execs to the Carolinas to scout talent.

Vandem...if you're reading this...I NEED THE REST OF THE VIDEO!!! lmao the wait is killing me! But I know how that video editing go...so I ain't trippin.


a N.O.R.T.H. Sighting - J. Leggs x Wine-Up

Check the vid of my brother J.Leggs puttin it down @ the Wine-Up this past Monday.

it's N.O.R.T.H.!!


Carolina Love - Mica Swain: All Bcuz

Brand new video from the 2010 winner of the Carolina Music Awards for Best Female Artist - Mica Swain. Check it out and show some love!!



...okay, that was wrong. But you feel me though, right?? Man, I work too daggone hard during the week to not enjoy my weekends. Shoot.

Anyways...it's the weekend! Which means it's maddd sh*t do to keep your mind off of work -- until of course, Monday swings back around. Don't do anything stupid, be safe and most of all....don't wind up in Monday's edition of The Slammer (because I will buy a copy for commemorative purposes lol). Below is a list of events going on in the Queen City as well as around the state:

FREE Fridays @ Kilimanjaro's
Something 4 The Heads
Nappy Roots LIVE @ Amos'
Best Damn Leo Birthday Bash @ The Forum
So Fancy Yacht Party

Don't say it ain't nothing to do this weekend....



Carolina Love - Bettie Grind

The homie Bettie Grind (read: Bet He Grind) has been on the move lately. From Canada, to anywhere across the USA, to back home in the Queen City...it's clear, Bettie G ain't stoppin until you know his name. It's so much press on dude across the 'net, I'd be surprised if you live in NC and haven't heard the name. I'm proud to call Carolina my home if we're gonna continually produce artists like this. Check some of the latest Bettie G tidbits below:

NC Hip-Hop Connect EXCLUSIVE Interview

Follow the homie on twitter as well @BETTIEGRIND


Carolina Love - Young Byrds: Trap Monopoly

Came across some new heat courtesy of the homie Carolina Blew. I'm trying to come up on a picture of the crew, but they rep the 910 to the fullest. Go cop a listen AND a download while you're at it:
Young Byrds - Trap Monopoly


I know most of you (since it's over 7 million views on youtube) have seen this video over and over again. I personally can't stop singing it lol. But I have a perfect reason as to why I'm puttin it up again. Peep the "Bed Intruder Song" for a refresher:

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.......okay. Now with this video we have a scaled down view of where we are in today's society. People can walk into fame for ANYTHING....I mean this Antoine Dodson cat is on iTunes, t-shirts, can sleeves, car door magnets, snuggies...the whole 9 -- OFF OF ONE IGNANT ASS INTERVIEW!!! smh. Don't get me wrong, I ain't mad...cuz I think this is HILARIOUS...but damn, where are we headed as a people if it's this easy to find fame? I'm scared for what people are going say or do in the future.

HOWEVER...without further ado (as much as it pains me to give them props...being as though I am a former, esteemed member of the North Carolina Central University Marching Sound Machine)...I present to you the North Carolina A&T State University Blue & Gold Marching Machine with their hot, new rendition of -- The Bed Intruder Song *applause*



I got the innernet goin nutz.....

I just read this dope article on the big homie Michael "5000" Watts -- the legendary Houston producer that's responsible (along with DJ Screw R.I.P.) for the whole "Chopped & Screwed" movement. His label, Swisha House, has partnered with Grammy U to help school these new cats on the game that is the music industry.

One big piece of advice I give to all these students hoping to make it
in the business is to get them to get their Internet presence up. The
Internet is really where it's been at for the last couple years and most of
the kids coming up in the music industry that are involved with Grammy U,
they're already on it. They know the importance of having a strong Internet
presence with the way music sales are going down.

Not taking anything away from y'all because I know MOST of y'all already knew that. However, the importance of the 'net to the music industry is becoming more and more clear. I just never wanted to fully latch on -- I'll be honest. Facebook, myspace, twitter, bebo, blogs, youtube....it's seems like overkill to attempt to keep everybody up-to-date with your movements. But unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) that's what the game is gravitating too.

I just remember when cats had to actually get out in these streets and push their mixtapes/albums out the trunk of the car......grind your way to the top, not copy and paste links to the top. Oh well, maybe I'm just a little old school still. What y'all think?

Click here for the whole article courtesy of sohh.com

Carolina Love - WHO IS PARADOX??

Got some new sh*t from the homie Paradox -- NC representa via VA -- featuring Enfield, NC legend Derty Den. Check for Paradox in ANY city near you...my dude is on a NC studio tour! That's right...the homie is touring the state lookin to collab with anybody willing to collab with him. That's some real sh*t right there. NC stand up!


Carolina Love - Ike Turnah x Panama Ski = Armor All

Here's a new video from my dudes Ike Turnah and Panama Ski. I been rockin with these two for close to two years and believe me when I say they got flow for days. This is the video for their newest joint -- Armor All -- directed by RedAudioFilms.

Peep the feature over at Creative Loafing as well.



Ahhhh yes....my favorite time of the year. I don't know why, but I'm just an all-around better person when it's football season. The competition, the sh*t talking, the big Super Bowl dreams, the brews, the gameday food, the ups and downs of the season....all'lat! It's no other sport like it in America -- no comparison at all.

I mean, don't get me wrong...I love basketball too, but no season goes full-throttle from start to finish like football. Every game you know you have to play hard because you only have 16 of them to prove what you're worth. Here's to hoping my Panthers will bring home a Lombardi trophy this year!! GO 'CATS!!!!

Here's a song I produced the beat for back in 2003 when the Panthers made their 1st ever Super Bowl appearance...big ups to Iceberg Shug & Deviant Son Music:


Stay Connected - Something 4 The Heads

This Saturday -- August 14th -- there will be a dope, intimate, underground hip-hop show in the NoDa district of Charotte, NC. The last one was STUUUUPID! Nothing but hip-hop heads in the spot ready and willing to hear the rawest in NC hip-hop. Of course N.O.R.T.H. is on the bill for this one...it just wouldn't be right!! Come holla!!!


N.O.R.T.H. New Music Spotlight - Lava Izzo

Came across an ad for some new heat from Garner, NC native Lava Izzo. When the man isn't in the booth, he's tightening up some dope graphic work as well. Very talented brother. Check his myspace here.

Loopy Baby - Lava Izzo ft. Jay Davis & Blackstorm


Carolina Love - Shelly B x South Crack

I think I'm gonna start this new segment -- "Carolina Love" -- in order to highlight interviews, videos, new songs or whatever other press I come across that features my NC artists making moves out chea in these streets. I'm a fan of errbody!

With that being said, check out this recent video of Shellz tearin up SC:


Too much talent in this state...

This is some video from the 2nd audition day for the Talent Search South artist showcase put together by my dude Magic Obama (The Labels' Connect) and my dude Vandem P of Carolina Exposed DVD. I'm waiting for footage from the actual show this past Sunday (I'm still tired...smh), but for the mean time inbetween time check out some footage from day 2 of the auditions.

(peep ya boys @ 2:23)