Jalapeno Chee-tos go HARD

Well, as I'm sitting here perusing the net and munchin' on my bag of cheetos, I came across a bangin track produced by legendary hip-hop producer, and Greensboro, NC native -- Ski Beats. The artist is a relatively new hip-hopper by the name of Fresh Daily (dope name too, by the way).

Fresh Daily - Untucked Nunchucks (Produced by Ski Beats)

Ski has been doing his thing in hip-hop since the 1980's, and as you can hear, the freshness just keeps on coming. For those that don't know, Ski produced 4 of my personal favorites off of Jay-Z's "Reasonable Doubt" -- Dead Presidents, 22 Two's, Feelin' It and Politics as Usual. He also produced Camp Lo's entire debut "Uptown Saturday Night" which had the hit "Luchini" as it's lead single (which reminds me....go to Charles Herron and Camp Lo's video shoot this Wednesday).

Fresh Daily’s upcoming album "The Gorgeous Killer In Crimes of Passion" hits stores on August 18th. Ski Beats, 88 Keys, illmind and several more top notch producers provide the sounds. You can check out Fresh Daily's myspace page riiiiight ----> here.

That's all I got for right now...I'm still at work, wishing I was at home. Oh well, it's all in the day's life of a YBE trying to do what he loves for a living. Thanks for checking us out and keep coming back. Video to yesterday's show is coming shortly.