But when the smoke clears, what everybody gon say? "...but she hot tho!" SMH.



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Q:Who are North Carolinas Hip Hop artist?

North Carolina Hip Hop artist

1-Petey Pablo - Born in Kinston, NC June 17, 1979. Barrett left home aged 13 in 1992 and lived in Baltimore, and later Raleigh.

2-Little Brother - American hip hop group from Durham, North Carolina that consists of Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh.

3-9th Wonder (Producer) - American hip hop producer from Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.

4-Tha Venomous... G - American hip hop artist from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

5-Small World - American hip hop artist from Raleigh, North Carolina.

6-Mica Swain - Female hip hop artist from North Carolina.

7-Joe Scudda - American hip hop artist from North Carolina.

8-Young Swift - American hip hop artist from Charlotte, North Carolina.

*The following is based on activity and is only updated as of 2-10-2010

Carolina Love - Phonte ::: Get Out of Town ft. The Beast & Nnenna Phrelon

Phonte of Little Brother & The Foreign Exchange fame has a new collabo with The Beast & Nnenna Phrelon's new project "Freedom Suite". Hosted by 9th Wonder, its a lil jazz/hip-hop infusion that showcases the versatility of hip-hop. Give it a listen, you just might like it.

You can check out the track here.


The Wifey Problem

Lmao...I was over on XXLmag.com checkin out some new music and everything, right? So, then I come up on this little editorial called "The Wifey Problem". lmao...word son??

Check out an excerpt:

So, one can only imagine the level of schmag-level trim that comes a rapper’s way if they’re successful (or at the very least have their names out there like they are). At the same time, that would make actually settling down with one special person that much more difficult since we, being the step-above-primitive beasts that we are, are going to want to smash every little thing in every little city we could get our hands on; not exactly a quality potential female suitors look for in us. And when the slores of the world seemingly pass it off to us as if we were Adrian Peterson… well… Maury Povich has made a living doing shows that spotlight the consequential results of those decisions.


Check out the rest of the article here.

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Surfin the net...

Yo..I was over on indiehiphop.net browsin around and came up on an post with Raleigh/Durham MCs Actual Proof.

I like these cats. This is dope track too. Check it out!



In case you forgot...I'm a grown man...

I still got the 22 instrumentals for the free download!!!

Here's the brief history:

As I was cleaning up my harddrive and reorganizing my files, I came across a folder titled "website stuff." After opening multiple random pictures, word documents and other stuff, I opened a folder that contained beats I made, but hadn't heard in YEARS. It kind of blew my mind because I thought they were lost forever!

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I can do anything with them because the original files are long gone. All I have left is the raw mp3 mixes -- some formatted for songs, others formatted for freestyling and others just 1:00 snippets. Therefore, I am releasing them to the public for FREE DOWNLOAD!! Feel free to do whatever you want to do with them! This is just a gift from me to the world showcasing my abilities, as well as me doing a small part in contributing to this great NC movement currently underway.


Mirror 1


J.Leggs Birthday x Mixtape Release Party!!!

That's right folks!! We, N.O.R.T.H. Coalition, will be burning the roof down at Upscale Bar & Lounge for an unforgettable night of partying and music!!

Doors open at 9:30, ladies free til 10:30!!

V.I.P. upgrade available for select individuals in order to be apart of the EXCLUSIVE listening party where the man Leggs himself, along with me and the rest of the Coalition, will be performing classic N.O.R.T.H. sh*t, BRAND NEW N.O.R.T.H. sh*t -- and of course you get to hear the Chronicles LIVE for the very first time!! FREE copy of the mixtape for those in V.I.P. as well!!

SOME COME ROCK WITH THE FAM TRULY PUTTIN ON FOR THE WHOLE STATE! No choosin sides over here!! You rep the Carolinas then that means you rep the Coalition -- N.O.R.T.H. -- No Others Respect True Hip-Hop!!

Click one of the pics for a larger version of the flyer!



Carolina Love - Young Swift :::

Young Swift got some new heat sent to me courtesy of Charge Nation. New joint called "Score" with production from the homie Lex Lugar. Check out some more Young Swift music and videos here.

Score - Young Swift



Carolina Love - DJ Dutchmaster

Hi-Definition DJ Dutchmaster politickin with Big Delph outside of Leniche Lounge.


Carolina Love - Lazarus ::: Colder Everyday

The homie Lazarus -- Raleigh Representative -- just dropped a new single. Go check it out here.



They callin dude the greatest artist of our generation....do you agree?