N.O.R.T.H. New Music Spotlight - J-Face

I was sitting here watchin the Bobcats vs. Clippers game and I thought about my city (Charlotte, NC if you ain't know)...I started reminiscing a lil' bit and I'll be damned if I ain't think about my boy J-Face. I ain't gonna front, it's really been a minute since I linked up with my dude....but he recently dropped some new music that I need to help spread to the masses.

This dude....IS the Westside of Charlotte. You understand? If memory serves me correct, the West City Traffic series been in effect since..at least '06. From shootin videos to spreading that North Cock-it-Back heat, J-Face won't stop till you know his name.

So with that said...get to know my dude, before he sneak up on you and bust you in the mouth. NC stand up.



The sky is the limit and you can have what you want........

Today we take time to celebrate and remember arguably the greatest storyteller of this hip-hop generation...The Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Smalls aka Frank White.

Now, alot of people are (and HAVE been for quite some time) split between their loyalty to Biggie or 'Pac during their reign as hip-hop elite, and while it was heartbreaking to lose both of them in such a close period of time, it's hard to deny their influences on rap music -- even to this day. It's hard to listen to Jay-Z, Snoop, Fabolous, Jeezy, Game....even Lupe, Ross and countless others without hearing sprinklings of Big's flow or dabs of 'Pac's passion behind the mic. Let's face it.......alot of us wouldn't even have a career or be pursuing a career without either one of them.

So with that said, let's not forget where we come from. Biggie had the power to make us laugh, cry, fight, dream, plot, plan, scheme, think, and hustle all thru the power of his music -- we need to do everything in our power to get back to that. Substance -- do you have it??



Stay Connected - IWW x 9th Wonder Artist Showcase

If you happen to be in or around the Raleigh, NC area on March 18th head down to The Brewery off of Hillsborough St. and check out the big homie 9th's (It's a Wonderful Word Music Group/Jamla/The Academy) stable of artists. I've turned my ear to a couple of his artists -- namely Rapsody and Tyler Woods -- over the past year or so and I know they got talent. This is just another example of hip-hop, r&b and just plain ol' good music OF SUBSTANCE emerging from the middle of the Eastern coast. Check it out!!

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New year, new album, new attitude -- Northern Exposure drops March 30th!!!

THE INNANETS!!!! What's up mayne? It HAS been a minute, but northCo. is back in action with new music for the 0-10! It's be a rough past few months trying to get the album done...but with the grace of God -- we're finished! The album -- NORTHERN EXPOSURE -- drops digitally on March 30th with street copies beginning circulation shortly after that. We will be available (eventually, as each site has different processing times) on ALL major internet music sites like iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby.

We're excited -- this is will be our 1st official, 100% independent release. That's right, no major label funding, no nationwide marketing, no radio play...just 100% street + 100% internet = 200% REAL.

That's right baby, northCoaltion is back and in full effect. Get your copy of Northern Exposure: The Album on March 30th. You will NOT be disappointed.