King. Re-Caged.

Man....I don't know WHAT to say about dude. I can't believe someone who just beat outrageous fed charges would even consider riding dirty.

Let's look at the grand scheme of things from the outside-in:

March 27th, 2009 - The homie gets sentenced to a year and a day.
May 26th, 2009 - T.I.P. begins his sentence.
December 22nd, 2009 - He gets released from prison to halfway house.
March 26th, 2010 - Clifford is released from the halfway house.
September 1st, 2010 - T.I. and new wife Tiny (irony intended) get knocked for drug possession.


Not even six months later and you BACK in the bing? SMH. I couldn't even fathom beating that much fed time and riding dirty while on probation. How dumb can you get????? and this is coming from a T.I. fan!!

Since the news broke everybody and their momma has weighed in on the opinion from former Atlanta Mayor Andy Young to Ne-Yo & 50 Cent. But the bottom line is T.I. was a total idiot for even putting himself in this situation and he deserves whatever comes down the pipe. We all understood your justification of purchasing all the guns and silencers -- although that seemed like overkill -- but this here??? after you've been preachin to the kids across the country?? after you've sworn up and down you're "a changed man"??? like Ed Lover would say...C'MON SON!!


Carolina Love - Charles Herron ::: The Beta Mag Mix EP

Brand spankin new music from the homie Charles Herron. A staple on the underground Queen City Hip-Hop scene, I love the BX flavor infused with the NC ingenuity. Go give it a spin AND a download!!


Upcoming Award Shows

The SMES Music Summit is coming up real soon and the Carolinas are very heavy on the nominations. Unfortunately, several of us are up for the same awards....but it don't really matter as long as NC/SC bring the hardware home. I wish everybody could win, but we know that's not possible -- so with that being said, skip on over to the polls and vote for your favorite Carolina artists.

Extra special "Good Lucks" to P-Wonda, Paradox, Derty Den, Shelly B and Mica Swain





On the road again...

Well folks...we're headed up to Raleigh in a few for The Underground Music Expo @ the Pour House.

I can't wait.

The posts will be pretty much nil while I'm on the road...but trust me, I got y'all once I get back to the Queen. For the mean time inbetween time, holla at my peoples Carolina Blew, DJ B-Ski and Tia "Meet the Connect" -- they got all the music and reading you need. The Carolina Blog Network...building and growing, building and growing. We moving 'cuz it's a MOVEMENT!! Shouts out to the whole N.O.R.T.H. Co. -- y'all pray for us to have safe travels up 85.



Carolina Love - CineMax Millz ::: Hard in the Paint Freestyle ft. Yung Stat

Just got a fresh link shot my way courtesy of Queen City representative CineMax Millz.

(and no, that's not Joell Ortiz in that first pic. That's Yung Stat....lol Millz had to let me know too lolol)


Covering the Carolinas ONE ARTIST AT A TIME

The homie Carolina Blew got a gang of vids I need y'all to hop on over and check out!

In case you need a refresher on who Blew is....click here.


Carolina Love - Lambo Lo-Keys

I got some new heat from the homie Lambo Lo-Keys too:

For The Love Of Money
Rather Unique

Both of these are off of his Twitter Freestyles Vol. 3 -- which drops on September 6th!!


Carolina Love - Ricky Ruckus ::: BMF Freestyle

New freestyle from Carolina mainstay -- Ricky Ruckus.


The Sarcastic Renegade

My homie Tia just dropped a new article over her blog. She's always money for a good read, here's an excerpt:
Which brings me to another point within the Music Industry: People who claim their own titles. Titles can NOT be taken. They are given. Just like taking credit for something you had nothing to do with, you cant take a title no one else gives you, otherwise its pointless. You haven't progressed if you take what's not yours. You cant take shit from the grocery store without paying for it? Otherwise, its stealing. That's a bad "label", right? Your title is "theif". So you cant take a job title without "paying" for it with your hard work. Otherwise its stealing and your name is stained with that bad title. Some muthafuckas don't get that.
Hop on over to her spot for the whole article.



Carolina Love - Big Treal ::: TAOJG Vol. III

"...Call 'em Joe Grizzly, Big Trilly -- Chris Lilley"

This my dude right here. lol...I probably have never met a funnier rapper than Big Treal, man. Don't get me wrong, he can spit all day (I got TAOJG Vol. 1 and 2 in the whip right now), but just being around dude for any amount of time is worth it. He got a sense of humor that's out of this world, his shows be live, his CDs are fire AND he reps Charlotte to no end (Hidden Valley stand up!!). An esteemed member of the God City family, I have to give justice where justice is due -- and Big Treal...you got a fan for life in me homie.

Check out some Joe Grizzly videos here.
Go download "The Age of Joe Grizzly Vol. 3" here.



Carolina Love - Carolina Artist Radio

Yooooooooo.....you want a live streaming broadcast of NC music? You want your music to get in a constant rotation available to practically the whole world? Do you just want more exposure period?? Well go check out my dude Kevan Glover (what up big homie?) and his whole crew @ Carolina Artist Radio. I know almost the whole crew and all of 'em doin their part to put the Carolinas on. Trust me.

By the way, go sign up for a free account over at CarolinaArtist.net it's a dope community for you to further network with people you wouldn't have otherwise.


N.O.R.T.H. New Music Spotlight - Bettie Grind

New heat from the homie Bettie Grind ft. Tavarius - What's it gonna be


Carolina Love - Mattic

Good music from Charlotte, NC representative Mattic!

Mu-Sick Hall of Mattic from Poltergeist Music: A collection of B-sides & rarities. 20 tracks of heat.

Check out some more on Mattic here.


Whoop yo kids....PLEASE

LMAO @ the end tho..

9th Wonder x Big K.R.I.T.

Now, alot of buzz has been generating about this Big K.R.I.T. guy. I'll be honest when I say I don't know that much about him. I know that he just recently signed to Def Jam...that's about it. I've heard a couple of his joints, but not enough to form a solid opinion. HOWEVER, I know plenty about 9th Wonder...and if the big homie is paying you a visit, I know your music must be on point. So who knows? Maybe we'll start hearing more about this K.R.I.T. guy in the future...


Carolina Love - Shelly B ::: The Queen Mixtape

Brand spankin new heat from the Queen of the Carolinas, Shelly B! Go ahead and hop on over to her website to snag your copy!!


Carolina Love - Ananamuss ::: Deals On Da Table Mixtape

The big homie Ananamuss "The Bad Guy," just dropped a brand new mixtape. This my dude right here...he always show love when we cross paths. STILL GOTTA DO THEM TRACKS HOMIE! lol

Click here to download your FREE copy.



Man, I hate being sick. Prolly because I rarely am...thanks Son.

I'ma get some new posts up for y'all though. Probably later on tonight. My throat itchy, my head hurtin, my eyes watering, my nose running...it's all bad on this side! lol.

Let me go take some Purple Stuff and get some O.J.