The N.O.R.T.H. Song of the Day

No hook needed...just listen.

The 704 Show

On Dec. 17th a bangin line-up of artist will be tearing down Club Reign:

N.O.R.T.H. Coalition
Lo Life
Big Dreek
Sundance & L.A. Black

Check out some pics from the first go 'round @ The Wine-Up:

Here is some video from that night too:


Carolina Love - Lo Life

Check out Black Label artist and Charlotte representative -- Lo Life.

We linked up a couple of weeks ago at the Wine-Up (which I have pictures of coming soon) and we're about to do another show at Club Reign on December 17th (which I'm going to be telling y'all about soon).

Anyways, homie got some dope music. Go on ahead and skip over to his ReverbNation page and check him out.



The N.O.R.T.H. Song of the Day

"Just stop comin round here if you lookin for somethin
Just stop comin round here if you thinkin we frontin
Just stop comin round here if you plottin and schemin
We ain't got time for the games we runnin a business round here!"

Carolina Love - Kay Harris ::: The SouthCity Connect

NC Publicist/Glass Kandii Models CEO Kay Harris has bridged NC and NYC together on her 1st mixtape. Featuring some of her NYC and NC clients and countless other dope artists. I personally think that it's a good look...effective promotion, artist exposure, company branding AND bridging the gap at the same time.

Hop on over to her site to catch up on her latest moves; and then after that, jump here to give the mixtape a spin and a download.


Carolina Love - Young Free ::: The Best Things In Live Are Free EP

Dope tape from the Raleigh homie, Young Free. He shot me the link and told that I was gonna like it and homie wasn't lying! lol

It's starts off with a montrous track that immediately got me. The instrumental to "Set me free" is epic, but Free carries it with ease. "Pure" switches it up with a lil go-go flavor, not too much...more of a swing. All I kept thinking was that a collabo with B.o.B. on this one would probably be BANANAS.

All you smokers out there will love "Roll Up"...no question on that one. lol. "My Baby" is STOOPID too. My, my, my...it's some Carolina Classics on here. All the chili and cole slaw....lololol.

Damn, now I'm hungry. Y'all go download the tape here.