R.I.P. to the BIG HOMIE!!!!!

This dude right here?? This dude is the Godfather of Queen City Hip-Hop Radio -- Nate Quick. This dude is the sole reason why the #1 Hip-Hop station in Charlotte IS the #1 Hip-Hop station in Charlotte.

I remember when I used to do little odd-and-end work up at the station, trying to get on. Rubbing elbows with Nate Quick, Sheila Stewart, No Limit Larry, JD and Tone-X led to some scholarship money for college (Thanks again Sheila) and an internship opportunity working directly under Nate Quick. I remember the dinner we all had at Carraba's Italian Restaurant, and Nate telling me how he wanted to give me an opportunity -- that probably was the best thing I'd heard in my life.

Little did I know, God had a different plan for the both of us. The Summer before I was to start my internship, Nate was called up to the "big leagues" and given the opportunity to man a much larger radio station, in a much larger market in Dallas-Fort Worth. With his new opportunity, I was faced with a decision....follow or stay. I chose to stay and finish college @ NCCU.

To this day I don't regret it one bit. But, I do hate the fact that I never got to say goodbye. So...let me take time to say: GOODBYE NATE! YOU WILL BE MISSED!!