So just who is DJ Chuck T?

The homie Carolina Blew put me on to a dope read over at The Mic DVD about North Carolina DJ -- DJ Chuck T.

I'm not going to post the article here, but you can click here to read it.

It's varying opinions across the state about dude...and while I've never met him to form my own opinion, Mom Dukes always said that "if many people are saying the same thing...it's not them, it's you."

Check my dude Vandem P of Carolina Exposed DVD below speaking on the same topic:

I know alot more can be said...and there are three sides to every story, so I'm not quick to assume anything. Like I was always told, the truth will come to light. Carolina just gotta show and prove that we can run this game.


Stay Connected - SHHHH..Sensual poetry, Jazz & More

If you're not busy tonight, come out to Allure's Mynt Lounge on the outskirts of downtown Charlotte for a dope poetry show.

My peoples, Pink & Diamond of Pink Diamond Promo have steadily grown this event over the past year and from what the streets say...it's a banger every time it goes down! So get with it!!

I'm pretty sure you can pay at the door, but if you'd like to secure a spot early then go here....the online sale is almost done.

Shouts out to Pink...thanks again for the tix!


Carolina Love - Lo Keys ::: Toast ft. Rain, Oun P & AR-15 ***UPDATED***

More new heat from the homie Lo Keys --- Toast ft. Rain, Oun P & AR-15 --- an exclusive bonus track from his Twitter Freestyles Vol. 3!!

Toast - Lo Keys ft. Rain, Oun P & AR-15

BREAKING NEWS -- Peep the trailer to Lo Keys' new mixtape Twitter Freestyles Vol. 3!!


Stay Connected - The Underground Music Expo

*Macho Man voice* OOOOOOOOOOOOOH YEEEEEEEEEAAAHHH!!! It's going DOWN Sept. 2nd!! I have a feeling this event is going to set a new standard in NC hip-hop and I'm so glad to be a part of it.

If you're going to be in the Raleigh area on Thursday, Sept 2nd...then you need to be at the Pour House. It's going to be a night full of great music, great networking, great people and great prizes!! Check out some of the prizes my homegirl A. Robb got on deck that will be given away all night:

--4 Hour block of studio time @ the legendary Osceola Studios
--Clothing from Chilvarous Clothing and Subject 2 Change Customs
--Gift Certificates to Sam Ash Music Stores
--+ more!!!

But the BIG BOY PRIZE for ONE performer will be a Digital Distribution package through Digiwaxx!!!

This is going to be major...and of course it wouldn't be right without N.O.R.T.H. Co. tearin the spot down!! Crazy performances all night, droves of people, endless drinks...what more could you ask for?? COME ROCK WITH US!!!



Carolina Love - Shelly B That

The Queen of the Carolinas got pegged for the heater of the day over at allhiphop.com!!

Click here to give it a spin!!


She's your KWEEEEEEN tooooooo beeeeeee......

I came up on this dope piece by the critically acclaimed poet, Akilah "Underground Kween" Muhammad. According to her this piece is a little old, but you know what they say about timeless art -- don't matter when you make it, if its of QUALITY its going to stand the test of time. A NC transplant originally from Cleveland, OH, Kween's words have the power to move you, inspire you, challenge you and overall just bless you.

I've only had the pleasure of seeing her perform in person once, but it is definitely an experience I won't soon forget. So please, take some time to show Kween some love by checking out her page here and adding here on FB here.


Guns, Drugs & Videotape

Up top is the movie trailer to the sure-to-be hood classic, Mario Felton: Based on a True Story. Featuring some of NC's hottest artists, this movie looks to fall in line with other legendary gangsta films like Shottaz and Paid in Full. Peep this short description of the movie:

A true story based on the life of the gangster, hustler, and mastermind Mario Felton. In 2005 Mario Felton and his childhood friend Boss ran the streets of Harlem. After feeling pressure from the FBI, they decided to take their operation to South Carolina. Starring Sun Mu, Shyst, Reese Da Great and many more, this movie will bring you into the head of one of America's most dangerous gangsters. Directed By King Ace... This movie will be released in October 2010, straight to DVD.

Can't wait to see this joint. I'm definitely adding it to the collection.


Carolina Love - Shyst ::: Set This B*tch

New freestyle from 1/2 of the NC Duo Ike & Shyst. Dude slays the Weezy instrumental! I'm lovin the energy too!

Follow the homies on twitter and check out more videos of them here.



A Picture Says 1000 Words....

That guy up top is Kevin Womack. A very, very talented photographer here in the Queen City. For the couple of years that I've known him, I don't think I've ever seen him without a camera (except for when he's weilding high powered rifles); and while I'm not a photographer and don't know exactly what goes into picture taking and editing...I respect ANYBODY who is dedicated to their craft.

Now, with that being said, check out his some shots from his latest project below. I saw these late last night and damn near fell out my chair!

V.I.B. (Virgs In Black) as shot by Kevin Womack:

Go check out more of his pics over at his blog!!!


Carolina Love - Black Flag Records

These dudes?????? PURE HEAT. You hear me? Black Flag Records -- A. Moss, Deniro, JJ Bass, Luddy, Cagle, CRBowman -- the whole camp is talented, dynamic and just dope. period.

Anyways..the boys had a show last night @ Tremont Music Hall (legendary music venue in Southend, Charlotte) opening up for Chiddy Bang and Ms. Charlotte Reeves Bowman took some very exquisite pics:

So go to their website, follow them on twitter, add them on facebook. They are currently on tour now as well, so you can even go see them in person!! Don't say I don't give you the real!!



Carolina Love - Manny Mac Productions

If you're a fan of Carolina Hip-Hop -- more specifically if you're a fan of QCHH or Queen City Hip-Hop -- AND you frequent the internet, you've probably seen your favorite QCHH artist in a video shot by the one and only Manny Mac.

Well...as it turns out, the homie doesn't just shoot music videos and he wants you to know that. Up top is a pilot produced by Manny Mac productions titled "Speaking Fashionese" hosted by Style Mayvin. Watch the video...then watch it again...because the more hits the video gets, the more likely it is that Creative Loafing will pick it up for a full season.

So take 10 mins to get some fashion tips AND help the homie Manny Mac further put the Charlotte film game in a chokehold.


LADIIEEESSSSS...My Mercedes...hold 4 in the back, 2 if ya fat.....

LMAO!! Who remembers that song?

Ok, I was Facebookin it a minute ago and came across something you ladies might be interested in. Tonight @ Loft 1523, Saditty Kitty will be getting it in with all that stuff y'all love. Peep the details from the FB page:

There will be exclusive Womens clothing, accessories, eyewear for sale
at extremely reasonable prices.... This is a chance to add nothing but HOTNESS
to your wardrobe!!!!!! FREE ADMISSION !!!!!FREE PARKING !!!!!FREE FOOD
!!!!!DRINKS SPECIALS !!!!!CASH ONLY PLEASE !!! Sadity Kitty is an up and coming boutique who is exposing to Charlotte designs that are very popular overseas and in the larger fashion cities such as Los Angeles and New York...you will be very satisfied!!! Spread the word!!!!!!! Your support is truly essential in order for Sadity Kitty business to be a success...THANK YOU !!!! LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS :) This is Ruby Jones Boutique Party, Come Out And Support Her! You Will Not Find Anything Else Like It!!!

Go get ya fancy on!! (Shouts out to Meka! I see you Ashy! lmao I bet you don't remember that one!)


Carolina Love - NatStar "The King" ::: The Hangover

More new heat for you to download!!

Now before I get into it, I will admit...I slept on this one. I'm behind in getting the post for this one up being that it dropped last month, but like a wise man once said "better late than never".

The homie NatStar "The King" put together a smooth mixtape that will most definitely break you from the monotony in rap today. Download it and give it spin, it's guaranteed to be better than at least half the stuff already in your iPod.

Download "The Hangover" here.

Check out my dude's video too...the song is titled "I Know"


Carolina Love - Lo Keys :::: Day Dreams

NEW SH*T!! NEW SH*T!! The homie Lo Keys slid me the link to his latest video "Day Dreams" -- a cut from his newest mixtape "Twitter Freestyles" Vol. 2 (presented by Sermons Domain and hosted by DJ Messiah). Video shot by Mozzerella Films.

Be on the lookout for Lo Keys' "Twitter Freestyles" Vol. 3 soon!!


Carolina Love - Lava Izzo ::: Welcome to Downloadia

Peep the promo video from the homie Lava Izzo pumpin his latest internet phenomenon -- Welcome To Downloadia.

Now, I'ma need the rest of y'all to go cop a download....I GOTS MINE LAST NIGHT. Everybody talkin bout "Support me, I'll support you" but really they just mean "Support me". It don't work like that. Love is Love and believe me when I say the 4-5 minutes it takes to download it is worth it.

IZZO!! Salute homie.

Click here to download your copy.


Styles is Not a Kid Anymore...

As I was cleaning up my harddrive and reorganizing my files, I came across a folder titled "website stuff." After opening multiple random pictures, word documents and other stuff, I opened a folder that contained beats I made, but hadn't heard in YEARS. It kind of blew my mind because I thought they were lost forever!

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I can do anything with them because the original files are long gone. All I have left is the raw mp3 mixes -- some formatted for songs, others formatted for freestyling and others just 1:00 snippets. Therefore, I am releasing them to the public for FREE DOWNLOAD!! Feel free to do whatever you want to do with them! This is just a gift from me to the world showcasing my abilities, as well as me doing a small part in contributing to this great NC movement currently underway.


Mirror 1



Carolina Love - Lo Keys

Check out this video from another Fayetteville representa, Lo Keys. Here he opens up about his movement and everything he's involved with to date.

Click here to check out more music and videos from the homie.


N.O.R.T.H. New Music Spotlight - Blow Up ft. J. Cole

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Cole World lightin it up again!! Fayettenam' Stand UP!!


Carolina Love - Everybody Working ft. Marc Law, Forward Progress, Derty Den, Mica Swain, Shelly B, Ike & Shyst, Hugg E. Bear and Ozone

That's a lot of artists ain't it? LMAO and guess what? Carolina got plllleeeennnnntyyyy more!!! hahahahahahaha I love this Carolina sh*t!!

Anyways, this track has been burnin up the net -- and personally, I love it for the message, the concept and the pure heat every single artist brings. LISTEN.

Check the links below for all of the contributing artists and where you can find out more about them:

Marc Law
Forward Progress
Derty Den
Shelly B
Mica Swain
Hugg E. Bear
Ike & Shyst