Carolina Connected

YOOOOO...I need y'all to go ahead and make y'all rounds to my peoples blogs and sites now..okay??

I'll give you a little run down of what to expect:

A gang of BRAND NEW vids from NC's top dogs @ Carolina Blew
New mixtape HOT OFF THE PRESSES @ DJ B-Ski
Interesting insight on your favorite pornstar, Pinky @ Sarcastic Renegade
Women's fashion and dating tips @ QCI-Style
Charlotte nightlife & discussing open relationships @ CLTExposed



a N.O.R.T.H. sighting - N.O.R.T.H. x The Pour House

Check out these vids of the boys gettin it in @ The Pour House!!

Shouts out to A. Robb & Eargasm Ent. for putting on an outstanding event!!



Carolina Love - GMC ::: The Mixtape hosted by DJ B-Ski & 4THQTR

New sh*t! New sh*t! 919 in the building! Fresh heat from them GMC boys on deck!

I like this tape right here. It put me in another mode -- street tales with a dose of knowledge. Every single rapper on this one definitely gives me a Bravehearts/Mobb Deep/Wu-Tang vibe, with a Middle East twist of course; and the beat selection is pretty solid too. I was trying to think of a word to classify the beats, but the best description I could give them is "storytelling-worthy". I zoned out to more than a few tracks while I was doing some writing the other night!

Off top, "Unforgiving World" sticks out in my memory first. The strings are calming and mix well with the mellow bars, making this one definitely worthy of iPod rotation. "Damage" goes hard...I like that one. But "Riding Like a Tru G" & "Bakerman" take the cake for me. "Riding.." does just that -- Ride. Devaan Newhill spits:
"Sometimes I reminisce, cruisin down 85/when I was young and restless, but I'm blessed I stayed alive/Pushin that Acura Legend, felt like a Mercedes ride..."
Took me back to '02-'03 easy..."Bakerman" is a crazy track that had me wildin when I first heard it. I ran it back to the top a few times even tho B-Ski did too..lol.

But yeah...enough talkin from me, y'all need to go cop this one ---- FREE DOWNLOAD!!



Stay Connected - CLTExposedMag.com

Yooo..check out my 3rd post over at CLTExposed Magazine! Plus it's a gang of pics from some of the events that popped off this weekend. GO!



Stay Connected - Sucker Free Sundays

Aiight..peep. You in the Raleigh area...and you didn't go to church....you watched all the early football games...and now you bored as I don't know what...

What you gonna do?

You need to take yo behind to Shakedown Street and get rid of that sucka in yo system! lol

Nah, for real...go check out my homies A-Robb and Eargasm Entertainment on Sunday's tho, they put on some DOPE events:

Stay Connected - Underground Fall Tour 2010

I came up on a dope VA/NC female rapper by the name of Ms. Proper on Twitter the other day, and just recently she put me up on a NC Concert Tour that is about to jump off Sept. 25 in Fayetteville!

I'm just now learning about it, but I think the concept is dope and I also think that if you're in the Fayetteville area you need to go ahead and support it! Follow Ms. Proper on Twitter to get more information and as well as check out more of her music.


Carolina Love - Paradox ::: If Not Me Then Who?

OK!! So I just got finished puttin my ears on the homie Paradox's new mixtape "If not me, then who?"

Fire. Period.

25 tracks of pure heat. I'm trying to poke holes in it, but honestly I can't. After the intro, I was immediately grabbed by opening track "Pass Da Torch." That beat is so strong and then of course you have the signature P-Dox flow that compliments it so well. Homie must already know NC and the East coast gonna be on lock -- especially when he spits "...soon I'ma have the West craving like a horror movie" lmao. I dig.

I like Paradox because he challenges the very thing mainstream rappers stand for with confidence and bravado. So much so that I don't believe any commercial rapper would even step to him...nor would any potential fan be hard pressed to refute him and his message. This dude is a voice for the working man that refuses to succumb to the dead end ways of street life. I respect that 1000000%.

I'm a sucker for reality tracks...so "Livin in the Ghetto" feat. Derty Den and Nisha Reece speaks to who I am most definitely...as well as "Family ain't Family no more." Those are two solid tracks right there. Album worthy if you ask me.

I'm not going to go over every single song, because I want you to experience it and draw your own conclusions. But I rocks with this one. Not just because he my dude, but honestly because it's one solid mixtape. I'm ready for more!!!



How it all started...

Man...where to begin, where to begin...I guess I'll start at the top.

Before N.O.R.T.H. was N.O.R.T.H., we all had humble beginnings in the Bull City (Durham, NC for those that don't know) at North Carolina Central University. With Leggs staying down the hallway from me around 2002, I started off by shooting beats to him and his #1 partner-in-crime B.O. (Kinston stand up!). The connection was natural because we all pretty much had the same styles and tastes in music. It was effortless.

EA Sports x 9th Wonder x Cole World = Good Look

Extra big shouts to 9th and Cole bring NC to EA Sports!! Peep this excerpt from allhiphop.com:

(AllHipHop News) North Carolina artists J. Cole and 9th Wonder have teamed up to create the official soundtrack for EA Sports' new game, NBA Elite 11.

The entire soundtrack to the game was created by revered Hip-Hop producer 9th Wonder, who hails from Winston-Salem, Carolina. He tapped fellow North Carolinian J. Cole, who recorded the track "The Plan" for NBA Elite 11, with 9th Wonder.

Hop over here to read the rest of the bit.


....all the live long day.....

....Man. Laying the ground work to a worldwide movement is indeed hard work. BUT...I got 3 fresh NC mixtapes on deck and I'm about to clock in. I got a more than a few posts comin for yall, the state has been buzzin all weekend and I'm just now getting back in work mode. Sheesh!

So stay tuned...keep checkin for me...and let's keep this train moving.



N.C. Blazed the stage....

Big ups to Let's Ride Records for hosting a beautiful event this past Saturday. NC and surrounding artists flooded Prevue for a chance to show BET that they have what it takes to command a stage. OF COURSE N.O.R.T.H. set it off proper and made the cut -- it wouldn't have been right!!

With that being said, the huge finale will be October 30th!! We need ALL OF THE SUPPORT we can get to come out and help get us on the official bill for the NC Blaze the Stage tour!! We will have the opportunity to tour the country and of course frequent the 106 & Park stage for Wild Out Wednesdays!! SOOOOO....Holla at us for more information about attending! The finale will be in Charlotte on Oct. 30!!!