Carolina Love - Reddy Roc

Came up on a new NC artist on the grind -- Reddy Roc -- Representin New Bern to the fullest. Y'all hop on over to his ReverbNation page and check out his new joint titled "Do it for my city". Dope.



Carolina Love - Young Flamez

I heard this before it was even recorded!! That's right. My dude was spittin this track over the instrumental thru the blackberry in the parking lot! lmao...that was just last week or so too, if I'm not mistaken. That's what it do.

Y'all check out my dude Young Flamez and the rest of the Young Godz crew over here. YG'z, N.O.R.T.H., 5950 all day!


Cole World on his production...

Peep the big homie speaking on his production. Who he'd like to produce for, inspirations, sampling and working with legendary Chicago producer No I.D.

Shouts out to 2dopeboyz.


Carolina Love - Wr. Dice

That's right, Wister Dice, get it right. I'm feeling this right here though. Kind of remind me of some early Redman and maybe Craig Mack...especially on "The Liftoff".

You can download the whole joint on datpiff.com of course, but if you want to get more information, music and videos on the homie check out his blog right over here.


Carolina Love - Ghani Guatama

Yooo...I like this dude here. He has a nice energy about him that's real cool. I haven't had the chance to meet him face to face yet, but homie just moved up here to the Queen City from Atlanta. So I know we'll meet sooner rather than later. He has a slew of music you can experience over here and an his introspective blog over here. Check him out in NYC at the Trash Bar:




We, N.O.R.T.H. Coalition, are proud to present to you the Northern Exposure Mixtape Series. 5 mixtapes that serve as an introduction to who we are and where we come from.

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5

We also have all 5 mixtapes streaming over on youtube. The songs are available for individual download on reverbnation as well!!




Tony Soprano Mixtape -- The REVIEW

My homie Tia -- The Sarcastic Renegade -- got her hands on advance copy of Derty Den's Tony Soprano Mixtape, and was so moved to bless us with the very first review! Here's an excerpt:

INTRO--- Soon as this track starts you are guaranteed to bop your head. He calls this an intro- i call it a "i want to hear more-tro". This is definitely a different delivery from Dert. One you rarely here from him and one of which I like. His signature voice in full speed flow goes real well with this beat. The song starts slow driven to make you think its gonna be a typically skit but then turns into song. Delivery is amazing and clean. A "hype" song that i wish was just longer... *hint hint*
Click here to check out the rest of the review!!!

Carolina Love - Blackstorm ::: Hot Like Fire (Remix) ft. Mica Swain & Hersh

Check out this blazin new single by NC representatives Blackstorm, Mica Swain & Hersh. Peep the press release below:

Here is the new single 'Hot Like Fire' (Remix) from the Carolina's own Blackstorm ft Mica Swain and Hersch.. This is definitely going to be a huge summer club banger. The single has been heard from several of the top DJs around the country and has been given a seal of approval from all. The single was first released to Internet radio where it has been receiving plays on over 20 Internet radio stations around the world. We are working on a schedule radio/promo tour for the single which should be kicking off later this year. We hope that you like the track and we really hope that you are able to help is in pushing the single to the people. We want to thank everyone for their time in listening and supporting Da F.A.M.M. Inc and we looking forward to working with all of you in the future. We will be shooting the video to the remix, which will feature NC's own diva Mica Swain. The video shoot will be Sept 17-18th in Raleigh and we are inviting everyone to the Sunday night shoot at Club Raleigh Live. We will be releasing the flyer for the event soon and it will be an ALL WHITE AFFAIR!!!!! It's gonna be the biggest video shoot to hit Raleigh in quite some time....


Scouring the net for NC talent...

If you know of some good links shoot me a line @ no.others@gmail.com

If you have music

If you do hair

If you throw parties

If you design clothes

If you are a photographer

If you paint

If you draw

If you tell jokes

If you fix cars

If you cook a good @ss macaroni and cheese

If you do ANYTHING in NC...shoot me a line >>>> no.others@gmail.com

Let's go to work!

Carolina Love - Lo Keys ::: Guillotine ft. Ronnie C

Fresh Lo Keys on deck! 910 Stand UP!!



I want 'em to love me like they love 'Pac...

Man...14 years ago on this day, arguably the greatest rapper of all time passed away.

Tupac Amaru Shakur

I remember sitting in my mom's living room when a "breaking news flash" came up on Channel 9. I already knew 'Pac had gotten shot a couple days beforehand, but just like Biggie said and how the rest of America felt -- I thought he would get up and out of the hospital and go write another song about it.

Little did we know that that would be the very last time we would have this great street poet in our everyday lives. It was heartbreaking. Confusing. Earth shattering to the world of Hip-Hop. We'd lost one of our greats. The Malcolm X of our generation.

...and honestly, I don't think hip-hop has ever been the same since then.

So let's put one in the air for the big homie Tupac. The world misses you!!

Here's a N.O.R.T.H. remake of the classic 'Pac and Scarface joint, Smile:


Stay Connected - CLTExposedMag.com

Hop on over and check out my first article as a contributing music writer over at Charlotte Exposed Magazine! Big ups to Maya & John for providing me an opportunity to further hone my writing skills!

Make sure you bookmark CLTExposedMag.com so that you can stay "in the know" of all the happenings in the Greater Charlotte area!