You don't know how crazy it is outside....

"Glorious. My Life Story is obsurd..." -- Black Rob on "Life Story"

For years I've always wondered "What in the world happened to Black Rob????" I know Bad Boy is the dungeon for hot rappers not named Biggie, but come on Puff!! BR is probably one of the last, authentic rap artists. An artist that TRULY lived the things that he spoke on, AND he can actually spit! No ghost writing, no corny ass jewelry and whips -- just BR, the mic and the truth.

I was chopping it up a bit with my e-Cuz (electronic cousin for you slow ones) LV over at Cloud10, and he was like "MAYNE, where all the good Bad Boy artists go?" You remember Loon, Harlem World (although Loon was apart of HW at one point in time), G-Dep, Craig Mack, Black Rob etc. etc. and that got my tires spinning: WHERE IS BLACK ROB??? Well ladies and gentlemen, I believe I've found him...or at least some new, unheard music from him

-Six Lost Black Rob Joints

-New Joint "Big Guns" off of the new album "Bet on Black"

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Long live BR!! No set release date for "Bet on Black" yet, but I know I'll be waiting!!