The N.O.R.T.H. Song of the Day

"Ayo we move where we wanna move,
Hustle where we wanna hustle,
Down here Carolina n*ggas gettin muscle..

Get ya weight up so these coward n*ggas can't touch you,
Down here Carolina n*ggas gettin muscle..."

Carolina Love - Deniro Farrar ::: Feel This Mixtape hosted by Sport E. Odie

Black Flag Records artist, Deniro Farrar, just dropped a new mixtape today. "Feel This" is a THIRTY (30) track mixtape hosted by Sport-E-Odie that you can download for FREE! 30 tracks? Got-o-mighty!! That's what's up though. So, y'all go support the homie and give it a spin.


Carolina Love - Shelly B ::: LIVE on Carolina Exposed DVD

Wow. Shelly B That.

Shouts out to Vandem P.



We've been livin thru your internet....

I've been listening to music for about 2 hours now and came across my joint. Ms. Badu is a dope artist and J. Dilla is one my favorite producers...so when the playlist skipped to this, it took me back.


The N.O.R.T.H. Song of the Day

No hook...just bars after bars after bars.



Carolina Love - Jacobi ::: Ain't No Love (hosted by Don Cannon)

New mixtape from Durham representative Jacobi on deck over at datpiff.com.

I gave the tape a quick listen, it's solid...but I'm REALLY postin this cuz long-time N.O.R.T.H. producer -- one of the very few that was around when we first started this thing back in '03-'04 -- G.O.A.T. made the tape TWICE (#'s 12 and 14)!! Good look my dude!!

Click here to give the tape a spin!!


The N.O.R.T.H. Song of the Day

"This is not that sh*t you used to on ya stereo...
This is not that sh*t they playin on the radio...
This them new n*ggas that you need f*ck wit...
Man, I love that N.O.R.T.H. Cock-it-Back sh*t...."


Carolina Love - ABlaze Jackson ::: Liberty Alumni

Yo. I was listening to this the other day and I really need all my NC/SC so-called hip-hop heads to go on over the ABLAZEJACKSON.com and support this instrumental album.

This dude has been puttin in work for years but still can't seem to get the respect and support he deserves in his home state. I remember when me and Ablaze chopped it up a while back and he dropped some jewels on me...I never really told him this, but the things he shared with me kind of reshaped my whole view on this Carolina thing.

All I can say is, I know there are plenty of Carolina artists that have been at this hard grind for years with little to no respect being given to the dues they have paid. I can't apologize for, nor can I speak for every single artist out there...but I respect and appreciate every single Carolina artist and/or producer that has made it to that next level. I know the hate and lack of respect can get you jaded at times but just know that there is a new generation of Carolina Hip-Hop heads that will take the road you paved all the way to the finish line.

That's my word.



Carolina Love - Jason Jetpane ::: Forever (LIVE)

One soulful dude right here....Mr. Jetplane blazin the stage once again. This time @ Amos' Southend in Charlotte opening up for the big homie Rudy Currence.


Carolina Love - Derty Den :: Like Everyday

I'm mad late on posting this joint...it's been out for a couple months now. But like a wise man once said, better late than never. Enfield, NC representative Derty Den got another soulful joint for y'all...something bout the way this track creep on give me visions of Old Schools bending corners...reeaaal slow. Peep.


Carolina Connected - Dae Dae ::: Freeze Me ft. Pieces

New clip from my homie Dae Dae reppin the Cloud 9 Mob. Westside QC what up!!



The N.O.R.T.H. Song of the Day

"What's goin on in my city?
Murder, robbery...these cats just hustle tryna make ends meet...

What's goin on in my city?
I'm a victim of circumstance, Police got they eyes on me."


Rap's version of Grandma's cookin...real good.

Oh yeahhh...I'm goin in on this one. A specially crafted instrumental album for my hip-hop lovers. Some samples, some originals....all Styles. I got a feeling y'all gonna love this one.




Call the radio and tell em...

The homie Lazarus got a new video out. "No More BS" goes in...I love it. Shouts out to Eargasm.


The N.O.R.T.H. Song of the Day

"We from the state NC, recognize our grind...
5-9-5-0, we ain't talkin bout cops...
We talkin 'be alert' cuz you might get popped..."

"We from the state where they smoke the finest...
'Fuck You!' that's the attitude of Carolina...
We gwopin up, A-S-A-P, never maƱana...
vernacular, spoken word comin from them Lions...Rahh!"


Carolina Love - Lo Keys ::: Wake up Thoughts ft. Ronnie C

New joint from the homie Lo Keys ft. Ronnie C --- Wake up Thoughts.

Also, check out Lo Keys new interview w/ areyouinthatmoodyet.com:


New N.O.R.T.H. Music - J.Leggs ::: Freestyle Chronicles Vol. 1

This is what we've been out here pushin for the past few days. You've heard about it....16 tracks of the purest Carolina music from one of the illest - if not the illest - Carolina MCs.

I'm not sayin that because he my bro...I'm sayin that because I listen. I listen to everybody in NC -- why you think I started this blog? lol...I like alot of artists in NC....but this mixtape here is something I've never heard before. It's new. It's refreshing. It's a different sound...a different feel.


Carolina Love - Blaze the Sky ::: Fly to your love

Chapel Hill representatives Blaze the Sky (SkyBlew & Azon Blaze) dropped a new mellow joint...I like it. It's off their upcoming EP "The Right Brothers" coming soon.


Guess who's bizzack?

Sorry folks...had to touch these streets for a couple days. Move these units and connect with these people out here dying for real hip-hop. I'm proud of the people too..real receptive to the vision. The Queen did me proud for a change! lol...but aiight. I'm bout to unload these posts on y'all real quick, it's a LOT of new stuff droppin in NC.