Everybody wanna know who killed it.....

Well good peoples...it's time for the "Who Killed It?" Tournament going down over on nchiphopconnect.com.

If you recall, my bruh won week 3 of the competition by a landslide. Now he's poised to bring home the grand championship by winning the entire tournament! Check the promo vid below and then click the link below it to go and cast your vote!

J. Leggs! J. Leggs! J. Leggs! J. Leggs! J. Leggs! J. Leggs! J. Leggs! J. Leggs!


Carolina Love - Cran Neely ::: 1-800-CRAN-MAN [VIDEO]

Much respect to the homie Cran Neely...1) for holdin down Rock Hill, SC and 2) for shootin me his latest offering to the Carolina music scene. Click play and give it a spin.

Follow the homie on twitter too!


Carolina Love - Lo Keys ::: Hero [VIDEO]

Fresh Lo Keys video on deck! Check out "Hero" off the homie's latest project "Front Street Cafe". Click here to follow the homie on twitter!


Carolina Love - Big TReal aka Joe Grizzly ::: TAOJG Vol. 4

Now...forgive me for not blessing yall with the link to this earlier. HOWEVER, this is Vol. 4 of one of my favorite series (got vol. 1 & 2 in the whip faithfully). Hop on over to Big TReal's Bandcamp page and give it a spin...guaranteed to not disappoint!


Back like I never left...

Been underground for minute....wrapping up projects and spending valuable time with my family. I'll tell you what, this Notorious Others project droppin late summer is going to be STUPID. Hard work pays off and I truly believe N.O.R.T.H. Co. is ready to up the ante in this NC music game....so don't get it twisted because you don't see us on these webs. Like the homie P-Wonda said "I never fell off, I just fell back."

Boatloads of new Cak music on the way!!