I swear this tea is @ a real good temperature right now...and so am I.

That's the last time you'll see me quote Lil' Wayne on this blog again...hahahaha...I promise. BUT, this tea is bangin' tho. Anyways...I wanted to take a lil time and shout out E. Lynn Harris (pictured) -- a very prominent Black Author that passed away today at the age of 54. Man.......we are losing way too many people.

That's Mike Jack, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Billy Mays, the Taco Bell dog , Walter Conkrite and now E. Lynn Harris...all in less than 2 months. But, we can't get mad @ God's Will, we just have to abide by it.

R.I.P E. Lynn Harris -- your literary contributions to the world were critically acclaimed and not accepted by all -- but you stayed true to what you did for a living . We will miss you brother.

Okay...enough with being somber. Here's a semi-new cut from up-and-coming Fayetteville, NC native -- J. Cole -- that just signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation label. Which, if I might add, is an EXCELLENT look regardless of what anybody says (specifically those who condemn new artists from signing to artist-run labels). Check out the vid below, and read his interview over at allhiphop.com.