Who Killed It? -- Championship Round ::: J. Leggs vs. Sir Plus

Well folks...this is it. The final round in NCHipHopConnect.com's "Who Killed It?" Tournament. It's a close battle...probably because the beat is incredibly weak for a championship round, but I'm confident Leggs can still win this thing.

In case you haven't been following the tournament, Leggs won round 1 with the unofficial tournament theme song "Who Killed It?". Round 2 found Leggs with another victory in "Man Down", and now we're in the final round with "Killed the Beat". It's quite obvious that the beat supplied for the last song is weaker than the first two, but perhaps you have to look at it as a challenge. An odd beat in the championship round forces the final two to dig deeper to become more creative...therefore seeing who truly has song writing/story telling skill vs. who's just a rapper. We'll let the people decide this one.