New N.O.R.T.H. Music - J. Leggs ::: Who Killed It?: The Remixes

Surely you've heard of this lil track called "Who Killed It?" by the one and only J. Leggs of the one and only N.O.R.T.H. Coalition, right? addition to winning the "Who Killed It?" Tournament a couple months ago, the Mr. Who Killed It? Mixtape hosted by DJ B-Ski is definitely on it's way. This will definitely satisfy your appetite until that Notorious Others finishes up in the oven. Well, right here, I have 2 seperate remixes to the title track below....featuring quite a few Carolina artists. The G-Mix featuring the homies Ted Bundi and Eclipse is up first..and the Remix featuring Sir Plus, Myckie TruFacts, Yung Pap, Buck-E, Cinemax Millz and Arsenik is the second one.


The G-Mix:

The Remix: