When 'The Notorious Others' drops....

...it's really going to shake things up.

This album has a chance to put us on another level, career-wise. I mean, let's be honest, we've never made "club" music or "trap" music or any of the other genre of music that dominates the radio (that new "Hip-Pop" genre they made up for instance). We've always stuck to our guns and made music from the heart that reflects the common struggles we all face.

People have longed to have music of substance return to the game. Music they can relate to, knowing that they don't have endless amounts of money, jewelry, guns, drugs and women. Knowing they can't make it rain without going broke, nor are they always able to enjoy some fine female's booty work. They want music they can play front-to-back without skipping a track. Music that represents a soundtrack to their life.

That's what we aim to deliver.

You know that one restaurant in the hood you can count on for a bangin meal -- for a good price? That's the type of music we've been cookin up for y'all. Good ol' iron skillet hip-hop, got all the seasoning and cooked perfect every time. That's what's gonna be in that clamshell food box with the receipt taped to the lid. That good food for the soul. So, just hold tight...go on and grab some extra napkins and a drink cup....we just adding some extra sauce. I'm sure you're going to crush it.