I never fell off, I just fell back..

What's good, good people? Styles back on the check in and clearly on my P-Wonda sh*t.

I finally moved to a new spot a couple of weeks ago, and a brotha finally got internet and cable installed at the crib today. So, I'm officially back in the game and keeping yall with the fresh Carolina music, fashion and art that you may not be up on just yet. It's a hassle trying to write and network thru a smartphone, so I just decided to let it breathe for a lil bit...

I'm not that big of a social media junky.

Anyways, I ain't gonna talk your head off...I'ma just get to these Carolina Classics. As always, thank you for rockin with me over the past couple of years. Over 12,000 individual readers is an amazing number and it's still growing. So, please...keep reading, keep sharing and keep supporting. I love you all.