Another contest, another win...

The homie J. Leggs is on a tear through the last 2 quarters...

From the "Freestyle Chronicles" dropping back in April
to being featured on the "Carolina Movement Vol. 2" mixtape back in July
to winning the "Mr. Who Killed It?" contest back in August
to being featured on the "Art of Promo" mixtape this month
to winning the "Write to Brag" contest this month....


That's the only thing that can really be said at this point. The man is serious about this music thing. Just as much as the rest of the N.O.R.T.H. Co. family is. Hopefully the rest of the public will begin to recognize it, just as much as you guys -- the faithful readers of this blog and supporters of our music. Big shouts out to the foreign visitors too...we're getting hits from around the globe and that feels GREAT.

We're going to keep pushing. Keep making good music. Keep winning these contests. Keep making you proud.

Thanks for your support. We really, really, REALLY appreciate it.