Happy NC Hip-Hop Day!!

This is truly an exciting time in hip-hop right now...more in particular, NC hip-hop. 9th Wonder, J. Cole & Phonte all dropped projects and quite frankly, they announce the return of the real. Real hip-hop is beginning to re-emerge and I love it.

"Light-skinned Jermaine" has released the much anticipated debut album, Cole World: The Sideline Story. I sneak previewed it last weekend and it is indeed dope. The North Carolinian delivered music that I can truly be proud of. Best Buy got em for $9.99 or you can grab one over on iTunes. Support your state!

Here's the next single coming up "Can't Get Enough" ft. Trey Songz. Tremaine and Jermaine...lol. Peep:

Next, the homie Phonte has dropped a lil classic too. "Charity Starts at Home" features everything you need to serve bangers: beats, bars and depth.

And last, but certainly not least, 9th Wonder blends that soul feel into so many different forms and functions on "The Wonder Years":

All of these artists represent the very state that most of us live in. They craft their sound by channeling our way of life. How we were raised, the feelings and emotions that we have. The things we think about or have thought about out. Situations that we have been in. Things we have experienced. The places we're going.

This is Carolina Music.

Support it.