The Notorious Others: Defining a Sound

This month will be the start of a new brand of hip-hop. For over the past 18 or so months, we have been constructing a sound that can be distinct to our locale. While allowing the music to just flow, we wanted to maintain an overall feel that would be universal to multiple different audiences. Let's be real, everybody knows its a West Coast artist when they hear that classic West Coast-64 Impala-Crip Walk bounce. Everybody knows when an Atlanta or a New York artist drops by their's what sets you apart. What makes you who you are.

That's what we set out to accomplish with this project.

For those that don't know, we have been recording and putting out projects for years. The Northern Exposure Mixtape Series is just that, an exposure to the upcoming of this ever-evolving brand known as N.O.R.T.H. - No Others Respect True Hip-Hop. We first began recording songs for that 50-track compilation in 2004. 5 mixtapes and a digital album tells the story of where we're from and how we came up, The Notorious Others picks up where that left off and carries us into the future.

For what we bring to the table musically, I don't feel as though we have the exposure that we need in order to get in position to make larger moves. With The Notorious Others, we aim to change that. People say "You need a single! You need a single!"....point is, we ain't tryin to get signed. Too many artists are gettin it independently, and I wholeheartedly believe in this project right here. Because the #1 goal is doing what? Making good music.

This album is going to be over 20 tracks.....and we already have pt. 2 lined up as well. So, depending on the initial feedback on pt. 1, we'll determine whether or not to drop pt. 2 this year or push it back to the next. Either way you're going to love it. It's true, Carolina Hip-Hop...unlike nobody doing it now. The big thing is, it's not a regional sound. We honestly believe this thing can be big.

BUT, we're going to need everybody's help.

From everyone that voted for Leggs to win the "Who Killed It?" tourney, to those that have already downloaded the past mixtapes, to those who follow on twitter, that are fans on facebook....those that read this blog...all of y'all. We need all of y'all to support this project. We got videos coming for alot of the songs as well...we're planning for a real special treat with that, because these will be our first set (yes, 'set') of official music videos for the masses. So we bout to put the pressure on the market. For real.

Like we've said so many times before in the past, still waters run deep. We've been fightin for our space in this market since '02. Pain and struggle have molded us into effortless musicians, able to speak life with uncanny undertones of humility, honesty and humor. Plain and simple...we're different, and we're sorry if it's not what you're used to, but it's all in the name: No Others Respect True either do or you don't.

Here's a lil warm-up track...more songs to come: