She'll file your taxes and spit hot fire....AT THE SAME TIME!!!

LMAO! OK...not quite at the same time, but both talents take up residence in that pretty, young lady up top.

Ciera Young -- Tax Office Director by day, Mz. AM (Analytical Muse) the spoken word artist by night.

She wants you to know that if you need a notary, some taxes filed, an amend filed, any debt resolved, a lien removed or a payroll provider -- go visit her @ TFS Tax (1801 N Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28206) or give her a call at 704-948-6966.

Go check her website out here.

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Go check out her creative side, along with her Triple Goddess family over at their blog (or on FB). They're always out and about in the city and making noise on the ever-present poetry scene in Charlotte. These ladies are the truth at what they do. Much love & respect.