Keep your grass cut...

Where to begin??

I guess I'll start here...KEEP YOUR GRASS CUT, MAN. Everywhere you turn there are people looking to get ahead just as much as you are; the only thing is...there are certain individuals in this world that will do the unthinkable to win, make money, get a man/woman or become known. Snakes in the grass, if you will.

It's sickening to me to know that someone can completely sh*t on the very people or person that they swore allegiance to. How can you be for something 100% only to turn your back on it? How can you gas somebody up only to steal the chair out from under them? How can you tell bold-face lies knowing that you don't/won't/can't feel that way??

Snakes. Snakes. Snakes.

In this entertainment industry there are 10 snakes for every 1 genuine person, and if you're not in tune with your 3rd eye, you will get taken for a ride everytime! It's hard to I.D. a snake...they usually are the most charming, charismatic, coolest people you ever meet initially. They talk a good game, seemingly look out for you, give you advice -- all that good stuff. But when they strike, it's just like a cobra. Unexpected and extremely painful for the one that got bit.

You thought it was sweet. You thought you was a shoe-in. You thought everything was all good. Then you find out you were being played the whole's rough. But, it's also the business. Everybody gets bit at one point in time, it's just what you learn from it and how you bounce back that determines who you are.

Are you going to run and hide? Or are you going to get up on your sh*t so that you can be ready for the next time you encounter a snake? If you have faith in what you're doing in life then an unseen snake in the grass shouldn't deter you from pressing forward. After all, the snake/serpent has always been the representation of the devil -- an evil agent placed in your path to get you off track. Stay focused. You have a purpose that must be fulfilled.

Keep your grass cut.