It's 9:20...I'm in the lab...where are you??

What it do folks? I'm in the lab cookin up some goodies right now. I'm lovin it. I got the crib to the face, and I have all my *ahem* tools readily available. I just got off the phone with my lil man, bout to see about puttin somethin on my belly real quick....yeeepp, this has the makings to be a good night of good -- fresh -- music.

I was just taking a listen to one of my favorite albums: Evolution: A Polydor Anthology by Roy Ayers. MAYNE....this album right here?? A classic on so many levels, but most people won't even take time to give it it's just due -- although they are VERY familiar with his work:

It is what it is though. REAL MUSIC never gets it's just due...

Anyways, Roy's music is universal. It speaks to so many people, so many different ways -- that's the beautiful thing about this music, man. That's the type of success all musicians should strive for. Especially Hip-Hop artists...we try too hard to stay in this box of women, guns and drugs -- when it's SO much other stuff to shed light on. I understand you wanna make the club bump, but everybody don't go to the club. That's why Hip-Hop don't get the respect from the music world that it really should -- as influential as the culture is. But I ain't gonna get into all that. I'm hungry. Thanks for checkin out the blog, and check out another one of my favorite Roy clips: