music, beer & jamie foxx

Well, it's just me (Styles) and Blazer...gettin it in on yet another night on the grind. We went to the Prevue was cool. Nothing out of the ordinary, but yet we still have to pub for this show on Sunday. We're hoping for a good turnout, but..this will be our first show without Leggs. So, it's alot riding on this. We'll be good though. This is our opportunity to really show how versatile we are.

On another note...Jamie Foxx is funny as hell. His stand up "I might need security" actually made light of alot of issues and people that's in the spotlight today. It's funny watchin him pick at Michael Jackson in this DVD, then turn around and host the "tribute" show on BET. Hahahaha, it is what it is though.

Styles and Blazer...checkin in for a lil blog action. Tryin to give the people what they want...a lil deeper insight into who we be. N.O.R.T.H. - No know the rest. Holla.