I got the innernet goin nutz.....

I just read this dope article on the big homie Michael "5000" Watts -- the legendary Houston producer that's responsible (along with DJ Screw R.I.P.) for the whole "Chopped & Screwed" movement. His label, Swisha House, has partnered with Grammy U to help school these new cats on the game that is the music industry.

One big piece of advice I give to all these students hoping to make it
in the business is to get them to get their Internet presence up. The
Internet is really where it's been at for the last couple years and most of
the kids coming up in the music industry that are involved with Grammy U,
they're already on it. They know the importance of having a strong Internet
presence with the way music sales are going down.

Not taking anything away from y'all because I know MOST of y'all already knew that. However, the importance of the 'net to the music industry is becoming more and more clear. I just never wanted to fully latch on -- I'll be honest. Facebook, myspace, twitter, bebo, blogs, youtube....it's seems like overkill to attempt to keep everybody up-to-date with your movements. But unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) that's what the game is gravitating too.

I just remember when cats had to actually get out in these streets and push their mixtapes/albums out the trunk of the car......grind your way to the top, not copy and paste links to the top. Oh well, maybe I'm just a little old school still. What y'all think?

Click here for the whole article courtesy of sohh.com