Build Ya Brand

This should be the motto for all you out there trying to work for yourself and not for anybody else.

Build. Your. Brand.

Nobody is going to give you anything in business...let alone life. Unless you got family that got bread like that. lol. But for real, let's be serious. If you're trying to start a business, nobody is going to talk about you if you're not talking about yourself.

Build. Your. Brand.

That leads me up to this bangin ass mixtape presented by my dude Carolina Blew, the automatic DJ Dellmatic and hosted by the beautiful Nikki Nicole. They recruited some serious artists for this one folks. Check em out:

J. Cole
Lord Tariq
Small World
Lo Keys
Derty Den
Lava Izzo
and countless other NC masterminds...

The tape sets off perfect with "Count da Money" went real nice with the Yuengling I was sipping. Plus I got these new monitors so its soundin real crispy. +2.

I can't front, its something about the homie 3D Straw that I like. Shades of that old Cash Money when the Hot Boys was poppin...or that classic No Limit era on "Billion Dollar Stash" -- with a Carolina twist tho of course.

J. Cole blesses the mic along with Derty Den on "Bun-B for President"....I will forever love this song. Cole produced it too so it you get a complete Carolina feel. That sample is so damn soulful and the drums he dropped behind is hypnotic than a mug. I ain't a homer......this some real hip-hop. Tell me I'm lying.

"Pops was a soldier, Mom's was an accoutant/so I been trained to squeeze gats and count thousands..." -- Swift Dollarz blew me away with that line on "I Just Do Me".

Rain had me zonin out on on "Gangsta Music"...I swore it was Styles P mixed w/ AZ. Beautiful track.

"That's What I'm Packin" will easily get you where you need to be if you drinking or gettin ready to step out on the town. lol...I got crunk real quick when this joint came up next. lmao...I'm a old school 3-6 head anyway so this touched my inner Crunchy Black ya dig? lmao! Madison Jay, Lava Izzo and Lord Sun did they thing on this one.

One of my favorite tracks "Ghetto Living" made the tape too...this track is my joint. Paradox, Derty Den & Nisha Reece went in and created a beautiful piece. This one is also featured on Paradox's mixtape "If not me, then who?"

Big Cas brings some Chi-Town/Old School Jersey-esque flavor the table on "King of the Town". That sample is crazy and I don't know why, but I can't get Def Squad out my head when I try to think of something to relate it to. Erick Sermon-Redman-Classic-Hip-Hop-Era type sh*t. I dig.

Mannn...I could go on for every song on this one. lol. It's another solid mixtape coming out the Carolinas courtesy of DJ Dellmatic and Carolina Blew. If you bump Cak Music the you need to add this one to the collection. Rider music, drinkin music, thinkin music, party's all on this one baby. Go download.





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