Carolina Love - Paradox ::: If Not Me Then Who?

OK!! So I just got finished puttin my ears on the homie Paradox's new mixtape "If not me, then who?"

Fire. Period.

25 tracks of pure heat. I'm trying to poke holes in it, but honestly I can't. After the intro, I was immediately grabbed by opening track "Pass Da Torch." That beat is so strong and then of course you have the signature P-Dox flow that compliments it so well. Homie must already know NC and the East coast gonna be on lock -- especially when he spits "...soon I'ma have the West craving like a horror movie" lmao. I dig.

I like Paradox because he challenges the very thing mainstream rappers stand for with confidence and bravado. So much so that I don't believe any commercial rapper would even step to him...nor would any potential fan be hard pressed to refute him and his message. This dude is a voice for the working man that refuses to succumb to the dead end ways of street life. I respect that 1000000%.

I'm a sucker for reality "Livin in the Ghetto" feat. Derty Den and Nisha Reece speaks to who I am most well as "Family ain't Family no more." Those are two solid tracks right there. Album worthy if you ask me.

I'm not going to go over every single song, because I want you to experience it and draw your own conclusions. But I rocks with this one. Not just because he my dude, but honestly because it's one solid mixtape. I'm ready for more!!!