Carolina Love - Rapsody ::: Honda Accord Music

Look...I know its been a minute since I hit yall with something. Don't be mad at me...I got a real life to tend to as well lol. But all is good in the hood, I upgraded the studio a bit, banged out some groundwork to this Carolina Connected Network and now I'm back on my 1 and 2.

NOW. I heard about this track, but I didn't know homegirl shot a video for it already too. Raleigh/Durham product Rapsody -- an artist on the big homie 9th's label, IWWMG -- threw a jab at the Maybach drivin "elite" of the hip-hop world and repped for the rest of us. I like it.

RAPSODY - HONDA ACCORD MUSIC from Pricefilms on Vimeo.