Are headphones the new liquor??

Once upon a time, it was liquor..but now, it seems like every celebrity/music star is endorsing their own headphones. Crazy.

First Snoop, Dr. Dre & Diddy...but now King James has crossed-over and joined the trend. That's right folks, the best player in the game (sorry Kobe) is introducing to the world -- PowerBeats. Check the excerpt below from

(AllHipHop News) Dr. Dre and LeBron James have teamed up to promote their new venture, LeBron's Power Beats headphones by Dr. Dre and Monster Cable.

James' headphones, which retails for $169.95 per-pair, are designed with the fitness enthusiast in mind.

"We worked with LeBron to make sure these would be the ultimate headphones for athletes. I'm always about the performance, the sound, and LeBron brought what he needed in terms of function to the table," Dr. Dre said of the headphones. "I've been wearing the prototype for PowerBeats in the gym every day for the last few months so I can honestly say they're the best headphones for working out."

Check the commercial out:

Oh yeah...Dre also said Detox will be here by Christmas. Don't hold your breath.