..Dear 8 lb, 6 Oz newborn, baby Jesus...

pic courtesy of zimbio.com

PLEEEEASE. Can we get a win today? That's all I'm asking for. The city most desperately needs one today or else I can feel a year of home-team bashing on the horizon.

The city just isn't the same when we're not winning. I remember that year we lost every single home game...I swear the murder rate spiked that year. Okay, that was a bad joke, but you get the point. Our morale directly hinges on the Panthers and if they suck, then we just seem to think the same way about ourselves.

BUT, I got an idea...instead of bashing the team and new rookie QB Jimmy "Pickles" Clausen, let's just ride with them through the growing pains and take our lumps with them. You never know what might happen if you show some love...