Carolina Love - Quantum Foundry ::: Marsupial Weekend

The beautiful thing about hip-hop is that it isn't one dimensional. A hip-hop beat can be and has been created from using samples from all kinds of music -- with the exception of country music. Nelly tried, but to this day...I still do not like that song lol.

Hip-Hop is truly the only universal genre, meaning you can tailor fit hip-hop to who you are and what you want to say. Quantum Foundry does that. Their album, Marsupial Weekend, is full of that underground sound that is ever present in the Queen City.

Personally, I call it "Thinking Man's Music." This what I put on when I got work to do lol. It tugs at the Wu fan in me, the Beastie Boy fan in me, the old school beat loops especially get me too. So it's something I would throw on when I'm writing...kind of like I am now.

Before I get to the songs, I wish "Dedication" was longer; and I wish somebody would've jumped on that lol. For real, that instrumental is mean. "The Clearing" is an interesting track. The beat is hypnotizing at first then it switches up. It still drives, yet it creates a sense of tug and pull. I can't guarantee everybody will like it, but I do. Definitely pushin the envelope.

On "Danger! Will Robinson" I got a good laugh off the way homie started on the track -- "Ahhhh Fiddlesticks..." I wasn't expecting to hear 'fiddlesticks' on a hip-hop album, so that was a first for me.

"Snake Farmer" is a cool track. The production is nice (courtesy of Mr. Invisible), honestly turning it into more than just a track, as a matter of fact...I don't even remember hearing a hook! I think homie just spit for at least 3 minutes straight. That's what it do.

For "Punches Or Reaches" to be short, it's plenty dope. That old soul/blues sample is crazy. "Out of Nowhere" didn't really grab me like alot of the others did. "Zhong Wen Hip Hop" is crazy to me too...don't get me to lyin, I don't know what language it is, but to flip a verse back and forth in two different languages -- and hopefully make sense (I don't speak Chinese! lol) -- gotta be respected.

I'ma let y'all check the other tracks out, but wow. This album goes alot of different places. Hip-Hop has a lot of faces, and this album gives you several different vibes and feels, but don't get it twisted. This is a pure underground album. The producer in me appreciates the samples, the hip-hop head in me appreciates Quantum Foundry's approach to the artform. It gave me a wider perspective on just what hip-hop is. I rock with it and I say give it a spin, you just might like it.