Carolina Love - GMC ::: The Mixtape hosted by DJ B-Ski & 4THQTR

New sh*t! New sh*t! 919 in the building! Fresh heat from them GMC boys on deck!

I like this tape right here. It put me in another mode -- street tales with a dose of knowledge. Every single rapper on this one definitely gives me a Bravehearts/Mobb Deep/Wu-Tang vibe, with a Middle East twist of course; and the beat selection is pretty solid too. I was trying to think of a word to classify the beats, but the best description I could give them is "storytelling-worthy". I zoned out to more than a few tracks while I was doing some writing the other night!

Off top, "Unforgiving World" sticks out in my memory first. The strings are calming and mix well with the mellow bars, making this one definitely worthy of iPod rotation. "Damage" goes hard...I like that one. But "Riding Like a Tru G" & "Bakerman" take the cake for me. "Riding.." does just that -- Ride. Devaan Newhill spits:
"Sometimes I reminisce, cruisin down 85/when I was young and restless, but I'm blessed I stayed alive/Pushin that Acura Legend, felt like a Mercedes ride..."
Took me back to '02-'03 easy..."Bakerman" is a crazy track that had me wildin when I first heard it. I ran it back to the top a few times even tho B-Ski did

But yeah...enough talkin from me, y'all need to go cop this one ---- FREE DOWNLOAD!!