The Sarcastic Renegade

My homie Tia just dropped a new article over her blog. She's always money for a good read, here's an excerpt:
Which brings me to another point within the Music Industry: People who claim their own titles. Titles can NOT be taken. They are given. Just like taking credit for something you had nothing to do with, you cant take a title no one else gives you, otherwise its pointless. You haven't progressed if you take what's not yours. You cant take shit from the grocery store without paying for it? Otherwise, its stealing. That's a bad "label", right? Your title is "theif". So you cant take a job title without "paying" for it with your hard work. Otherwise its stealing and your name is stained with that bad title. Some muthafuckas don't get that.
Hop on over to her spot for the whole article.