N.O.R.T.H. New Music Spotlight - J-Face

I was sitting here watchin the Bobcats vs. Clippers game and I thought about my city (Charlotte, NC if you ain't know)...I started reminiscing a lil' bit and I'll be damned if I ain't think about my boy J-Face. I ain't gonna front, it's really been a minute since I linked up with my dude....but he recently dropped some new music that I need to help spread to the masses.

This dude....IS the Westside of Charlotte. You understand? If memory serves me correct, the West City Traffic series been in effect since..at least '06. From shootin videos to spreading that North Cock-it-Back heat, J-Face won't stop till you know his name.

So with that said...get to know my dude, before he sneak up on you and bust you in the mouth. NC stand up.