The sky is the limit and you can have what you want........

Today we take time to celebrate and remember arguably the greatest storyteller of this hip-hop generation...The Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Smalls aka Frank White.

Now, alot of people are (and HAVE been for quite some time) split between their loyalty to Biggie or 'Pac during their reign as hip-hop elite, and while it was heartbreaking to lose both of them in such a close period of time, it's hard to deny their influences on rap music -- even to this day. It's hard to listen to Jay-Z, Snoop, Fabolous, Jeezy, Game....even Lupe, Ross and countless others without hearing sprinklings of Big's flow or dabs of 'Pac's passion behind the mic. Let's face it.......alot of us wouldn't even have a career or be pursuing a career without either one of them.

So with that said, let's not forget where we come from. Biggie had the power to make us laugh, cry, fight, dream, plot, plan, scheme, think, and hustle all thru the power of his music -- we need to do everything in our power to get back to that. Substance -- do you have it??