Carolina Influence - 9th Wonder x Lil' B

Let's be honest...when you first heard this song announced you was just like me..."What?" (or depending on how much you follow hip-hop, "Who?" lol) I can admit it...I was. But then, I asked myself this:

"Do you trust 9th?"

Lmao..I know. Weird question. But, when it comes to hip-hop, I do trust 9th to deliver everytime. So I put my ear to it (finally) and lo and behold...I was actually surprised. Not by 9th's production because that's always A-1, but by Lil B's control of the track. I thought a 9th beat would be to big for dude, but he did his thing...I can't front. I wonder if he has anymore material like this one or just a catalog full of stuff like this.

Check the song out: