Everybody wanna know who killed it.....

N.O.R.T.H. Co. General and tremendous lyricist J. Leggs has officially bombed the scene over on NCHipHopConnect.com's new contest: "Who Killed It?"

Each week a producer is selected and a couple MCs are invited to "kill the beat". It's up to the people to decide who the "suspect" is...this week has to be Leggs, hand down. Hop on over to give it a listen.

Click right here to listen and vote for J. Leggs in the "Who Killed It?" Contest over on nchiphopconnect.com!!




  1. What goodie dis ya boy Yung A from Da Rich Boyz..Shout out to J Leggs and da whole North Col..Ya boi Leggs go hard in da paint...VOTE!!!


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