Are rappers going crazy?

I was over on and I came across a dope article. It really made me think about the content of today's music, the environment that the hood creates and the demands & sins of the music industry -- these things can be a deadly mix for the wrong individual. Check the excerpt below:
“There are many more households led by single parents, and there is less of an extended family. As a result, many individuals do not have support systems in place that normally would have enabled them to cope with stress,” said Dr. Ewing. “They develop a maladaptive reaction to the stress, such as depression or anxiety. To help them manage these symptoms, many persons will turn to drugs and/or alcohol,“ she said.
“And not to mention the pushing and pulling that occurs with artists of various levels of popularity from sex and drugs being contextual staples, to the proverbial, fake ‘yes’ men and women who laugh at all of their jokes and look upon them as if they were living reflections of human perfection,” said Dr. James M. Ballard III. Dr. Ballard, a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in Maryland, presents on topics related to the mental health of performing artists, i.e., rappers, vocalists, and musicians, etc. at music conferences, workshops, and seminars, and works independently with artists and groups/bands.
Check out the rest of the article here.